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Monday, December 19, 2011

When Many Thing Become One Thing

1 Malaysia

1. 1 Malaysia concept was inspired by Prime Minister to unite Malaysian as nation. Soon after the idea was aired everything were converted into 1 Malaysia such as Restaurant 1 Malaysia, Clinic 1 Malaysia, Nasi Lemak 1 Malaysia and others. Everything change in one day and the whole nation talk about it.

2. 1 Malaysia is to promote Unity in Diversity.With the idea, Malaysian are thought to accept each others with respect and tolerance. Brotherhood spirit is promoted in many forms. Any commercial advertisement must involve the major 3 ethnic in Malaysia. The Indian, Malay and Chinese. Cartoons are designed and animated based on the 1 Malaysia concept. Upin and Ipin are Malay twin and their friends are Chinese and Indians. The same thing with movie. The three ethnic must be displayed as the ideal ideology of brotherhood.

3. Prime Minister launched New Economic Model under 1 Malaysia program on 30th March 2010.  It objective is to double the per capita income. According to him, under 1 Malaysia concept, Malaysia will a high income country in 2020. There will be more mega projects to be announced to boost the national economy.

4. KPI (Key Performance Indicator) suppose to be a tool to improve the public service but it does not serve the purpose as all performance are done by documentation. Idris Jala only rely on the report document where the truth is hidden. Auditor General Report 2010 has revealed government mismanagement and manipulation of taxpayer fund but yet the "affected" department came with "solid" explanation on how the fund was spent. Now, the true report is compromised and those who involved in the fraud get highest KPI score.

5. New Economic Model is a tough ideology if the government stick to quota system and ethnic-based privileged. The tender system is not transparent and mega projects will only benefit the UMNO politicians. Yes, we are aware of Ali Baba system and it happening in Malaysia. The Malaysian permitted the system of corruption as "it's normal". New economic model is introduced and implemented by allowing more corruption in the government tender acquisition.  

6. Indeed, it is a challenge for Malaysian to achieve their goal to have a racial harmony nation. In fact, racial harmony should not be a challenge in a multi-racial nation if every citizen believe in universal value. Good deeds, respect, tolerance and acceptance. While the people are told to respect other religion, the other group of extremist harping the religion sensitivities in public. The Muslims accused the Christian for using Allah and burned Churches, raided Christian fellowship and confiscated holy scriptures. The Indians are marked as Pariah and the Chinese are called prostitutes. And yet, the youngsters are thought to learn the untruths. The mainstream media are free to voice out their anger towards the other race and the government is ignoring the issue. When other media express their concern, on the next day their office get raid and force to close business. So, where is the tolerance and respect that 1 Malaysia trumpeting? There is racial harmony in Malaysia and the government do not have to address the issue but to monitor the extremist who always spark their hatred.

7. We cannot unite many thing to become a one subject. Malaysian have to admit that as a multi-racial nation they must play their role and obligation as a citizen under the rule of law. Freedom has to be observed to sustain stability. Money only cannot guarantee economic growth because every race must contribute to the country. If the government keep on harnessing only one race, than the other race will be sidelined. And when they are sidelined, they might leave country and look for better opportunity with the skill and ability they had. Malaysia will never enjoy 5% economic growth if the government cannot fight corruption to the grassroots. Politic of hatred will only damage the racial harmony if the extremist continue to spark sensitive issues and 1 Malaysia will be no other than just a failed ideology.
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