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Monday, December 12, 2011

SUPP and Its Relevance to Bidayuh

A Year End Disaster.

1. Few weeks back we have heard of the sacked SPDP5. I don't know if Mawan felt bad by the situation but the "SPDP5" have returning to the same problem. Barisan Nasional. Tikie and Nansian are the Bidayuh duo who sacked themselves and declared loyal to Barisan Nasional. My big question is " until what extend of loyalty". What is the price tag? Once again, the Bidayuh has wasted their vote to the duo and now they are looking for better offer. Not for the Bidayuh, but for themselves. What will happen to SPDP? Mawan will figure out. 

2. Last week on SUPP's TDC (Triennial Delegates’ Conference), Wong clan have boycott the event due to "internal affair" that could not be solved by the party president. Peter Chin was well backup by the president (now ex-president) of the party and the post of the president is not determine by vote by "early sign of support". The vote was made to fulfill the party policies but the president post is determined earlier.

3. What is happening between Wong clan and Chin tribes has shown to Najib that the oldest party in Sarawak has lost it relevance to the people. SUPP is a history and need to be "re-defined". Last SUPP's TDC is a bad picture of Unity and 1Malaysia that the Barisan Nasional is trumpeted.

4. SUPP was a great party and supported by multi-cultural members. The Dayak and Chinese have made SUPP the greatest political party in Sarawak. Now, SUPP is a Chinese dominant party and Bidayuh is the least group in the party. Now the Bidayuh have only Richard Riot, Ranum and Jerip Susil circled by giant Chinese. Will their voice being heard? Never before as they are only minority in the party.

5. The Chinese have proven to Barisan Nasional that SUPP is no more speaking for them and they vote the President out during last state election. Almost half of SUPP seats have lost to opposition. Mostly in Chinese area. Did the Chinese hate the Chinese? I don't think so as Chinese are thought to be loyal to their group since Fung Sai Yuk era. No one should left the Shoalin  school unless he or she is expelled by the Shoalin master. That is Chinese tradition.Why DAP get the Chinese support resoundingly? DAP has common goal; to have a Malaysian country. That it. But SUPP is a running dog for Barisan Nasional.

6.Richard Riot was made as the party deputy President. Well, that is a good opportunity for him and not for Bidayuh as he represented for.Serian is a mix Bidayuh and Chinese but it seems to me that Richard Riot is for the Chinese. When the Chinese shop lots was destroyed by blaze last few months, he straight away deliver money to the victim but when it come to Bidayuh villages have problem with basic facilities in Serian, he will only send his "Setiausaha sulit". We hope that as a No.2 guy in SUPP, he will be more awaken and realistic to be the Bidayuh representation. After all, what is the meaning to be a great person if you cannot bring  a great changes to the people. 
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