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Monday, December 19, 2011

North Korea after Kim Jong-il

Whats next?

1. Kim Jong-il dies at his 69 years old of a heart attack. He was known as great leader of North Korea and "loved" by his people. He is called "Dear leader" among the North Korean.

2. During his era, Kim has brought a great depression to his country where million of his people died from starvation and cold.

3. As an army dictator, North Korean are build by his tyranny. Defense and military programs is the first priority and the people ruled by "persuasive propaganda". The government of Military has no intention to bring better education and economic progress to the country but massive nuclear weapon.

4. What is shown on TV about North Korea is very different from the reality of North Korean life. Many have exiled to China, South Korea and Japan for better life and future. The outside world are forbidden to portray the real North Korea, but many of its citizen who exiled tell a horrible story of the government.

5. Is there any good future for North Korea  under Kim Jong-un? Unless North Korean open its door to the world there will be different North Korea. Deng Xiaoping is a good example of communist leaders who believe in capitalism economy that made China a great nation. Will Kim Jr. believe in that to save North Koreans from starvation and death? We will have to see and hear whats next.
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