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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Whats After Permatang Pauh??

My Final Semester Exam Questions.

1. There is storm at Louisiana and the oil price will increase USD 160.00 per barrel.

What will Barisan Nasional do?

A. Increase the fuel price to RM 3.00 per liter
B. Stop giving petrol and diesel subsidy to the people
C. Reduce the price of basic necessities
D. Doing nothing about it

2. We do not have to pay our electricity bill that is less than RM 20.00

What is your option?

A. Shut down your refrigerator and let all those stuff inside it get rotten
B. Sell some of our home electrical appliances to reduce your electricity bill
C. Start using firewood to cook your lunch and dinner
D. Laugh at Barisan Nasional’s idiocy plan to help

3. Barisan Nasional lost Permatang pauh for the second time

What it means?

A. Abdullah is the world class leaders
B. Sodomy is legal
C. Detonate beautiful lady is legal
D. Democracy is really worked

4. UMNO played with racist issue to get Chinese to have their kung fu class ready


A. GERAKAN and MCA is about to form Communist Party
B. The Chinese are scared of Keris (dagger)
C. 13th May has never happening
D. Barisan Nasional is a “Malay” based party, the rest are “calafe” (watak sampingan)

5. Merdeka expenses has been cut down up to RM 7 million.

What does it means?

A. We should reduce the expenses of Monsoon Cup
B. All ministers should sit at the economy class flight
C. All this while, the government has wasted too much money for nothing
D. RM 7 million have been used for Permatang Pauh “campaign”

6. Barisan Nasional seems to be not relevant to Sarawak and Sabah

What should they do?

A. Support Pak Lah until 2010
B. Enjoy 5% revenue and happy with it
C. Ask CM to tell Badawi and Najib that they love the way Barisan Nasional works
D. Vote for Barisan NAsional on the next general election.
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