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Friday, September 12, 2008

"Gila-Gila" Nansian Style

Alleged sacking of headmen politicised
By Churchill Edward
The Borneo Post Press, Today

KUCHING: The opposition is only trying to capitalise on the alleged termination of seven headmen in Bau-Lundu area because the state election is coming, said Mas Gading MP Datuk Dr Tiki Lafe.

He said the opposition should not be suspicious of the government on any appointment and/or termination of community leaders in Sarawak.

Bau and some parts of Lundu are under the politically-conscious Mas Gading parliamentary constituency.

Dr Tiki, also Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) vice president said the alleged termination of the seven headmen, if indeed true, was not politically-motivated.

“There must be other reasons why their services are terminated, if indeed true. It could not have been due to their affiliation with the opposition.

“People should not read into the matter too seriously because the government needs to review performance of each and every community leader from time to time or when their terms are about to expire. There should be no issue,” he told The Borneo Post yesterday.

Although most headmen in Sarawak were elected by their respective charges, it was the government who paid them their fixed allowances and other incidental allowances relating to their work, he pointed out.



The Bidayuh may blame me for this posting today. Few days before, there was a news on “gila-gila” community leaders will get blasted and lost their job. What did Nansian mean with “gila-gila”?

1. In Bau area all the community leaders are alcoholic and rapist?
A. True
B. False

2. Community leaders must support every BN campaign or loss their job and get “gila-gila” things.
A. Relevant
B. Irrelevant

3. Community leaders must never listen to anybody about the present Government Issue.
A. Agree
B. Not Agree

There is a crucial case in Serian when ketua kampong obeyed Richard Riot order to support BN. There were two dengue cases reported and yesterday, the patient died after 4 month admitted into Serian Hospital. There is report from the hospital yesterday told that there is another case report and suddenly there were fogging activity by Health Department. How can Richard Riot did not aware of it since he was at that Kampung on the 31st August? What did the ketua kampong mentioned to him? “We support BN like hell. Don’t worry. Let the people die of dengue and we survive”. Was that??

There is no proper rubbish management at that place and rubbish are thrown into the river. Can, plastic container will contain water and mosquitoes come. Simple and easy mah. There is always “Woman Fellowship” and last march, my mother-in-law was rewarded with 4 packs of “soya bean” drink to support BN.

Nansian should respect the community leaders although they are not as wise as he is. He should never stop the Bidayuh to learn democracy as it is time for the Bidayuh to learn and not to be learned. Patau Rubis is not an opposition leader and why should he scared of him too much. Nansian has Taib behind of him and even Pak Lah can settle the “gila-gila” things. Do not think a lot. Since BN has plenty of money why doesn’t he give them some to shut their mouth or else there will be more “gila-gila” things.

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