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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Chickens Run

54 Chickens learn to lay egg.

“Malaysia’s image and international standing are trampled upon and “rubbished” by the 54 Barisan Nasional MPs currently on a “blur blur” agriculture study tour of Taiwan as they are been tracked by the Taiwan print and electronic media as if they are bizarre or exotic creatures from a strange land if not from another planet.

Instead of conducting themselves as proud elected representatives of a nation held in high esteem in international circles, the 54 BN MPs are caught in a hide-and-seek with journalists as if they are fugitives from justice or agents of rogue nations as they are unable to give a honest and honourable explanation of the real purpose and reason for their sudden trip to Taiwan.

A Guang Ming Daily columnist has rightly coined the phrase “mong cha-cha” or “blur blur” tour to describe BN MPs junket to Taiwan, for the BN MPs were in a “blur” when summoned by SMS to submit their passports for the “trip to nowhere” as the country destination was not known and undecided, “blur” when they boarded the flight and continue to be “blur” when they landed in Taiwan.

The 54 BN MPs know that they have become a laughing stock in Taiwan and a standing joke wherever they go in the island republic. As a result, they cannot hold their heads high when appearing in public in Taiwan.

As MPs who should be Malaysian nationalists and patriots first and last, shouldn’t they do what is right – cut short their “blur blur” Taiwan trip so as not to prolong Malaysia’s shame and disgrace in Taiwan every day they are in Taiwan?

They should abandon the “blur, blur” agricultural study tour of Taiwan if they are not to be known as “blur blur” MPs not only for the rest of their elected term but the remainder of their lives.” - Lim Kit Siang blog

Soon after the 12th General Election, few MP went out to oversea to have their “holy days” to release from tiredness of campaign and provocation jobs. At Sarawak, Richard Riot went to “Australia” or oversea to get rest and soon after his departure, Malaysian Insider reported that he brought Serian SUPP members to tear their membership card and burned the SUPP flag. Few days after that, we heard a phone conversation stated that he is still with BN. Before that I wrote this article “Saving Private Richard”.

What really amazed me now is that soon after BN lost at Permatang Pauh, it chairman sent 54 MP to Taiwan to do an “Agricultural Study”. What study need to be done for the Backbencher Club? I know it. 1200 hit under 5 par or hole-in-one or royal hurdle meeting. Yes, I got it. Spend before you get thrown out of the parliament. It seems to me that the fate of Pak Lah is as same as Samak where all the cabinet members will step down soon. What is the difference is that Samak has not saying that there will be a trip to Japan or Mongolia.

“Blur blur” study is another day to waste people’s money although Bung Moktar said that this trip is a good trip ever. A flock of chickens are running out of the pen to lay egg somewhere else and soon after that the moldy eggs will be thrown into the same pen again.

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