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Monday, September 29, 2008

Excuse Me. I beg your Pardon Sir,

Gov’t will never acquire NCR land for no reason: Chan
The Eastern Times ( Monday, 29th Sept 2008)

MIRI: The State government has never, and will never, grab native customary rights (NCR) land from the people for no apparent reason, Deputy Chief Minister, Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam (picture) said.
“In cases where such (NCR) land is urgently needed for development purposes, proper procedures will be followed and alternative arrangements made with the affected people.
“It has never been the policy of this government to chase away villagers from their land,” he said.
Chan said this last Saturday when asked to comment on a peaceful demonstration staged by villagers from 13 villages in Bekenu that morning over a land dispute with a local developer.
The demonstrators, who claimed to represent the 10,000 villagers in Bekenu, wanted Chief Minister, Pehin Sri Haji Abdul Taib Mahmud, to intervene in the land dispute.
In stating that he had yet to get a full report on the issue, Chan advised the affected villagers to file a formal appeal to the State government. He assured that the matter would be seriously looked into.


Borneo Highland Resort was built in around 1996 until early 2000 and I was a teenager at that time. The development of Borneo Highland Resort was inspired by those who “love” the paradise on earth. I still remember when I was in SMK Padawan at that time. Lorries were coming and forth carrying stones, asphalt and building materials along old Padawan road. The road has never silence then as the lorries traveling days and nights. Since then, Padawan has it interest, the paradise on the mountain top. I am wonder if can ride a cable car one day as what the late Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong has at Genting.

In his speech at Teng Buakap, which was in 1997,Taib promises that once the “paradise” is constructed, there will be pave along the Padawan road and I heard a voice “ Hidup BN and Taib”. It was so wonderful to imagine at that time as I used to travel on a dusty and rocky Padawan road. I am wonder too why we are not giving any “compensation” from any “companies” or “government agency” on the trespassed NCR land between Annah Rais and Kiding.

Not long after that, in Semuti there was Gawai celebration where Sagah, Peter Minos and other gang from country height came to deliver the “compensation” and promises. Dr. Chan should know about it as the Chinese in Padungan are not happy with the “land occupation” issue. As far as I know, the “Duit Gunung” (compensation) has been distributed to every family but the sum was RM 100 or less and the affected areas are Annah Rais, Panglakan Ampat, Kiding and other villages. I do could not understand why William Tanyuh is made “retired” by SUPP and replaced with someone “better” to tackle the NCR land issue.

Who are the main players in Borneo Highland Resort scandal? The Mountain of Penrissen “Darud Penrissesn” was made sacred as the old folks believed that there is a “Princess” staying on the top and it kept sacred among the Aborigines nut not now. I believe that the purpose to develop the mountain top is for the betterment to the Bidayuh at it surrounding area but not as whole.

I have been working there as a general worker during school holiday. I really cannot take bath in the morning because the water is really ice-cold. I worked for one week and it was a great experience to receive RM 10.00 per day. It was in 1996. My brothers worked as a gardener and get RM 12.00 per day. My uncle has been working there since its land breaking ceremony until today and struggling in schooling my cousins. That is the only option to get money as farming is not applicable to get money.

I am tired to talk about NCR since it does not have its black and white and made innocent to the aborigines. This including series of “illegal” logging and plantation in our area. There is an aborigine who wanted to fight for these MCR land issue but hated by Jabu. In fact, Jabu does not like any NGO who stands for the aborigines’ right. That is according to one of a blogger. If you read back my posting entitled “ Minority Report” you can have a little view on what we have get from NCR land development.
Please correct me if I am wrong to say that the participation of the aborigines in SUPP is to get something from NCR lands. Jerip and Dawos are waiting for “something” once Bengoh Dam project is implemented. The sad thing is we will get rewarded with a new kind of community called Razak clans. We (Aborigines) support Barisan Nasional because we love development but we never realize we are loosing our dignity and possession. What is the craziest thing is that, the aborigines support SUPP and get deceived as the party is a Chinese racial based party.

Dr. Chan might have a solid answer to the NCR lands status for the aborigines. Why there is no any land title for our house site where we are staying now. There were several long houses had been flatten down by plantation companies though the land has been occupied before the Brooke era. I do believe that we are not squatters on out own home land and the law is not applicable to chase us out but was made to intimidate us. NCR land issue will never end if Taib do not want to lay down his legacy.
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