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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

I am Quite Busy this week.

I found it hard to access certain “alternative” media blogs which had been shut down from our national ISP. Well, I get this one,

“To enable a superior service, having a fast web proxy is a must for a lot of people. Web proxies do have a reputation to use a lot of CPU and RAM usage, so if you don't have a decent server, things can get tediously slow.

At Privax speed is a big importance, which is why we have very powerful dedicated servers (dual processor dual core 4 x 3.0GHz, 4gb RAM, 1000mbit ports and high quality USA bandwidth). Our services have been modified to suit the performance usage web proxies use, so hopefully you should never experience slow speeds (we always monitor our servers to ensure no downtime occurs).”

You can go to these URL to view Malaysia-Today:

Please type any blocked site in the text field and it will bring you there.

I hope to write more soon since there are many “hu-ha” around but time is really tight. As I had mention, never be a teacher. I can’t wait for the new government since those “guys” went to Taiwan yesterday.

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