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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

RTBN – It’s Getting Uninteresting Now.

I used to watch TV news especially at 8.00 pm news. It is always after dinner time where family will sit down to enjoy TV show. Recently, I was stunned by TV3 news on Dengue news. It quiet weird compare to before Permatang Pauh election. Before, I seen and heard much riot news at Permatang Pauh and our country seem to be in state of emergency because Anwar and his friend raged at Permatang Pauh. Now, everything is reported as Ok though RTBN must report BN defeat at Permatang Pauh. Tun Mahatir was right when he mentioned that Pak Lah will only hear the good news and not bad news.

Last night, RTBN reported that Pensiangan election is null due to nomination paper issue and Joseph comment on TV. What next? RTBN will announce the next defeat soon? Unless the Sabahan like Pairin and Bung Mokthar. I was shame to see a Dusun or Kadazan Dato’ who represented UMNO at Keninggau. Isn’t that weird? Where are USNO and UPKO? Why UMNO my fellow friend at Keninggau and Tenom? Why? To adopt UMNO is to invite disaster and that is in point of fact. You see, nobody want to preserve Mat Saleh’s monument in Tambunan because Mat Saleh is not from UMNO but “pirate”. RTBN is used by UMNO and BN ant it getting uninteresting.

Government has lost twice at Permatang Pauh and I agree with Malaysia Today author’s statement. BN lost it seat and people trust including bloggers. RTBN is naked and telling the people that they are wearing the greatest garment to hide it shame. To me, blocking certain blogs is losing people’s trust towards BN. We are yet too see Semak to step down soon and it was made by protest and riot. In Malaysia somehow, blogs seem to be the scariest thing to RTBN. We criticize the government because we care and I do not know if there anybody who dares to ask Pak Lah on Gerakan ans MCa issue at Warkah untuk PM. Some will get blasted or his posts will never some out in the site.

Ministers from Sabah and Sarawak went to Taiwan and hope that is not a “Ming Court affair” instead of “visitation”. If Anwar is about to from a government on this coming 16 September, we hope that Media Prima will be under new management and RTBN will close down too.

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