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Friday, September 12, 2008

Community Leaders Vacancy

We are the most well established organization and looking for persons to fill several vacancies to expand our operation and business. We are looking for capable and hardworking "community" leaders.


1. Work with MP to manipulate the communities mind (psychic)
2. To hang BN banner during campaign
3. Spy any villages that possibly listen to opposition.
4. To ensure community only follow RTBN program
5. Talk to the community to be loyal to BN and SPDP
6. To ensure no other political party to be discussed.
7. Teach the community to vote for BN


1. Not "gila-gila"
2. Not alcoholic
3. BN component party members
4. Talkative and cunning
5. At least 3 years experience in erected banner.
6. Deaf and blind

All applications must be sent to Bau Distric Office or Lundu District Office before 16.09.2008. Application can be sent directly to:
Juara Beetuah Sdn. Bhd.,
1st Floor, Cg. 204-205,
Batu Kawah New Township,
Jalan Batu Kawah,
Kuching, Sarawak
email: nansian[at]
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