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Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Aborigines Must Be Restored, Not Awarded

PM assures Bidayuhs will be rewarded
By Samuel Aubrey,
The Borneo Post Press ( Wednesday, 11th June 2008)

TEBEDU: The people in Serian are assured that their strong support for the Barisan Nasional in the last parliamentary election will be rewarded.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi gave this assurance yesterday, saying that rural projects in Serian would be given priority under the redistribution of projects under the Ninth Malaysia Plan.

“The great support rendered to BN will not be futile, as this will be responded by more developments for Serian. Problems relating to funds that are still ‘hanging’ will also be looked into and solved.

“For this, officers from the agencies under the Prime Minister’s Department and Economic Planning Unit (EPU) will be sent to Serian and also Tebedu to study the situation faced here,” he said at a meet-the-people session at Bandar Mutiara here.
Among the pledges the prime minister made was for the RM60 million SMK Tebedu, expected to be completed in 2010, to have hostel facilities although this was not included in earlier approved plan, and to extend electricity, treated water supply and tarsealed roads to villages in Serian.

“This will be solved as soon as possible. Good schools are vital in stimulating higher academic achievements. (But) in Sarawak, the many schools in the state’s rural areas are in need of electricity, treated water and other supporting facilities,” he said.

Soldiers die and awarded a medal of honor by the King. After that the government pays outstanding compensation, insurance and gives the family of the decease a national flag. The soldier died with honor in a battlefield and the family is awarded with so many things. After a while, the family is forgettable to the army and fellow friend.

The Aborigines have been “bought” by Barisan Nasional for many years. It started with award from Parti Perikatan by Tunku Abdul Rahman for joining The Federation of Malaysia. The awards were security and “equal” economic distribution among those states under Malaysia. The late Tunku Abdul Rahman was then awarded Sabah with aborigines’ minister who lived for short. In fact, these two “parentless” states are always being lullaby whenever they are crying for milk.

Tun Jugah was awarded hectares of timber concession and that is why he never works with SNAP but with PBB. The “award” must have it own return to the giver. Stephen Kalong Ningkan has been awarded by the Malay to give way to Rahman Yakub to capture power. The RM 1 billion of award will never benefit the aborigines but those individuals and cronies.

What do we really wanted from Pak Lah? It is not about money at all. Money will vanish but dignity and status never ever vanish. RM 1 billion has never equaled to the oil and timber royalty that have been steal for centuries. This is just a bottle of milk to be given to the “baby” politician to strengthen Barisan Nasional. It is a must to give both Sarawak and Sabah a full revenue of oil and timber. Pak Lah should include aborigines into his cabinet line and not someone like Pandikar Amin, Bung Moktar, Muhammad Taib, Sulaiman Taib and those primay one ministers. He should award the aborigines by including the aborigines in the parliament. Therefore the aborigines are well recognizing for their royalty and not to buy it.

The Native Customary Land title must be given to the aborigines since every inch of land are belong to the “state government”. We need the land to plant crops to supply our needs and to sell our agriculture’s products. We are planting on an illegal “state” land and the worst case was our longhouse was demolished though it is on our ancestor’s land. The lands are awarded to those politicians for timber and plantation. We are always between the two fighting elephants for protecting our right. I saw many villages are struggling with SALCRA farm since they are no more working in there but the hired illegal immigrants. We lost our land because it is claimed as “government” land and was promised to be remunerated.

The aborigines also must enjoy same privileges with the other bumiputera as there must be no special right to the Malay bumiputera. The government contracts must be distributed equally and should not through Chief Minister and his cronies. RM 1 billion has nothing to do with the aborigines since we are struggling under Parti Bersatu Bumiputera which is headed by a greedy and ruthless old man. Why should we share a cup of black of coffee when there must be a jug should be given to us? Pak Lah keeps the national wealth and give a small piece of cake to Taib to share with the aborigines, Malay and Chinese in Sarawak. Will Taib share the small piece of the cake? He will swallow it and burp the smell to the rest. Or worst give his stool to the Dayak.

Sarawak has plenty of money but somehow, it is not distributed equally since thee are many families and fiends need to be satisfied. Would it be the RM 1 billion is laundering money from Pak Lah and family business? Or Pak Lah raises the oil price and gives that money to begging for support from the aborigines? Cunning man does cunning thing to feed those ignorance and greed.

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