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Monday, June 9, 2008

Back to The Past.

After almost 7 years I have left Kuching, finally I made my very first trip riding a public transport after I gone with own transport. It was a great ride though it was just four kilometers ride with Sarawak Transport Company, KR 3948Q bus. Fuel price, it’s all because of fuel price. I miss the roaring diesel engine bus for many years and I have had it finally. This is a destiny that I have to face but somehow it will remind me back to my youngster’s time where buses were my main transportation. The roaring engine is the best memory when I was in from one to form five. The rest of the time, I was staying in town and most of the time traveling by motorbike or Van “sapu”.

I used to drive my Proton Savvy where I can fill full tank for two weeks ride. Now I have to be sacrificial as money is always insufficient for me and my family. I sacrificed my fuel expenses by traveling with public transport and motorbike. I sold my Proton Savvy last month due to financial constraint and thank God, I made my decision earlier than Pak Lah. Though I still miss the car with “Microsoft” sticker on the win shield, it is not going to be an assurance for my financial status. There are many things to cater. PTPTN loan need to pay, household daily expenses and my brother is in ILP and needs money too. My mother is always asking for money by the end of the month. I feel that life is good without car at this moment of time as the fuel price is very expensive. Why should I pump petrol while I can pay less for public transport?
What’s next? Do I have to sell my old Honda EX5 motorbike and rear a horse to travel to town? Yes, Raja Petra is right though. It’s not Pak Lah fault, it the voters fault. Will government get bankrupt if they help the people by not increasing the fuel price? Maybe yes because they will earn less by giving subsidy to the right people. OPAC has nothing to do with our economy and so to United State oil price. Why should we follow those people and make the people suffer? Does Pak Lah have to pay for petrol? Or have we ever seen Pak Lah get down from his car and top up fuel? No. The people give Pak Lah everything. He gets free of charge from his food until his underwear. Somehow, this is the real issue that we have to face actually. Be patient with the Barisan Nasional idiocy and keep on voting them. That is why we do not have to vote for the “primary five standard ministers” to govern us because they do not know basic economic but like to talk rubbish.

How about the low wages like me and the others? Will RM 1000.00 per month going to be enough for the whole month? How I wish to join the peaceful protest in town to show my regret to Barisan Nasional. I know there is subsidy and the price of the other goods is not going to hike as what is promised. But think about its logic first. You need a truck to deliver goods to any places. Let say, I am supplying biscuits to every villages. Before this, my fuel cost was RM 1000.00 per month but this month I will have to spend RM 2000.00 for the fuel. Should I sell a pack of biscuit for RM 2.00 per packet as before and loose my money to fuel? NO. I should sell a pack of biscuit RM 2.50 per pack so that I have enough money to pay for the fuel. Therefore, the prices of goods are going to increase too. Right? I don’t have to be an economist to have a brain as what RPK said is his no hold barred column. I started to plant vegetable and rear chicken too. Last few days, my father brought me to his ponds and we cleared them in order to make them ready for the next raw fish project. The field is ready for us to plant paddy too. The past is coming to present where agriculture and poultry are the best answer to control my daily expenses. In fact, it is not a right time to buy food at this moment of time but rather produce our own supply so that there will be less worry on the money matters.

Everyone is looking for land for paddy planting as the new season is going to start soon after Gawai. The youngsters are working very hard at the construction sites to cater their motorbike installment and fuel. I saw the struggle at the face of the folks when it's time to go down to town to buy dried foods and groceries. I asked a chartered van’s fare from Serian to Baki which is about 4 kilometer, and I was shocked when he mentioned to me that it is RM 8.00!! I know that he is desperate for money to buy diesel. Someone has to be sacrificed in order to uphold the government’s policy. The people have to work hard to make sure that their vehicles are moving well while the ministers have transportation allowances. Pity to those who drives vehicles which are more than 2000cc.

This is called the “Economic Tsunamii” as per mentioned by Dominic Ng and I believe that it is a strike back by the Prime Minister on the Political Tsunami. Thing changes too fast but the people could not adapt to it. After this we will have our “Tariff Twister” as the utilities cost maybe hiking. The punishment to those who oppose Barisan Nasional has to be bear by all and not those in the five states. Once, The Minister of Tourism has withdrawn the contract with the Penang State Government and now Pak Lah gives us a much taught lesson.
What say Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim on this matter? Will Sarawak and Sabah get 20% oil royalty as the global oil price is increasing almost every week? What is his agenda to help the citizen who have to pay a lot while there is an alternative? Or the whole world has to accept the fact that we are running out of crude oil? Let's pay more and give less to our household as this is a pleasing sacrifice to Barisan Nasional. Next, the crime will hike too as the living cost is rising.
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