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Saturday, June 21, 2008

When The Rooster Crows VII

The Political of Hatred - Welcome to Hotel UMNO!!

Yong Teck Lee is going to be investigated by Anticorruption Agency regarding on his statement to give vote of no confident to Pak Lah. Who gives the bribe? Can it be Lim Kit Siang or Nik Aziz? SAPP is now being manipulated by media, UMNO (Pak :Lah, Najib, Tengku Adnan) and not Nasional Barisan as whole. Yong Teck Lee is considered as “kacang lupakan kulit” or out of control because some of the high council members do not agree with him. Now, I have two assumptions. One, all those “high councils” had been bribed by UMNO to lie to the media. Two, Yong Teck Lee is bribed by Pakatan Rakyat to get out from UMNO dominated coalition. Somehow, it is up to them to figure out the Sabahan fate under corrupted UMNO in Sabah. If ACA has to investigate Yong Teck Lee, they must first investigate Musa Aman on the logging concession and Aman’s family business in Sabah.

Hanifah Aman has shown his dissatisfaction to Pak Lah by rejecting his ministerial post in the cabinet. The Kalabakan MP had gaven Pak Lah his red card but Pak Lah did not know that his leadership is under test or undermined. Richard Riot has his gut by sparking a rumor to bring the Bidayuh in Serian to get out of SUPP but thing change as money is much valuable. Tun Mahathir has proven his dissatisfaction to the leadership of Pak Lah by quitting from UMNO. How are we going to comprehend such party where Barisan Nasional has lost five states and some of the Barisan Nasional feel that UMNO is no more relevant to rule the Barisan?

Last few days Pak Lah said that there will be no action going to be taken to SAPP and it councils. What is the motive of his statement? Today’s Borneo Post Press stated that action will be taken against SAPP MPs if they support no-confident vote said Najib. Now, who should we listen to? Pak Lah or Najib? It is said that Yong is being bribed with “senator” post to allow him to withdraw his no-confident vote to prime Minister. Senator of what? How much his salary then? How about those Sabahan in Likas, Tawau and Sepanggar?

Criticizing the leadership of BN clan is like a son telling his father to stop smoking. There is no right for a son to tell his father that smoking is harmful because it is disrespect to the father. The father may tell his son that he is too young to advice him. Pak Lah practices the same attitude in his Barisan Nasional families where there must be nobody allow speaking their thought in Barisan Nasional. To me, it is a “dictatorship democracy” where we are forced to agree with those weak leaders in UMNO.

The Eagle, Hotel California said “You can check-in whenever you like, but you can’t ever leave” is the best illustration to the today’s Barisan Nasional political game. PBDS was released without counseling from Tun and now they are in trouble. The same story happened to SNAP and PBS few years back where these two parties are dumped by UMNO and not BN as a whole. It is easy to get into Barisan Nasional as long as quantity is concern. Hence, the quality of the coalition members has never been measured and this has brought to “imbalance” political practice in Barisan Nasional. I believe there is no harmony is Barisan Nasional as there are so many unsettle issue especially to MCA and MIC. The physical evidences are the lost of those five states due to political tsunami, marginalization of the Indian, Chinese, Kadazan and Dayak.

SAPP should stand firm in their decision making as the father is now seems to be drunken by the insincere support from those BN members. He (Pak Lah) should figure out his resignation due to his ineffective to sustain the price of fuel, goods and commodity which has become a heavy burden to the people. Good job to SAPP to tell Pak Lah that he must wake up early to prepare breakfast to the people and not waking up late.

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