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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Thank you to World Class Medical Service!!

I was riding my motorbike to Serian Hospital to do my pre-employment medical check-up. As I step into the outpatient section, hell, there were many people compare to those who were in the post office to get their fuel rebate. I show the letter of instruction from my employer and told them my purpose of visit. Then, the “counter man” shows me a long list of appointment and that means I only can get my pre-employment medical check-up in middle of July. Somehow, I need to report in tomorrow with my medical report. I suppose to make it at the private clinic but I cannot afford as it will cost me RM 120.00. What a poor jobless man can do with it?

I went to Charles Brooke Hospital and show my letter. “There is no medical check-up service here. Please go to Klinik Kota Sentosa to get it done” said the counter lady. “Ok. Thank you. I will go there” I replied. I rushed to Kota Sentosa Clinic and go to the counter. I met with an old counter man and gave my letter. “You cannot do it here. Please go to private to clinic”. I asked why it cannot be done in there. He said it will take time and they cannot do it today. So, I went to laboratory without register and put my letter into the basket and then my name was called. I get in the lab and the lady asked me to go to room 7A to ask for advice. I went to Room 7A and asked a man if I can do my medical check-up at that clinic. He told me that they cannot produce an immediate result. It will take about 6 weeks for them to release the result. He advises me to go to private clinic to do the medical check-up. I thanked him for a good service and instruction. I went to Gill Clinic and ask how much I have to pay for my medical check-up. RM 120.00 is the exact cost and no less. I have only RM100.00 in my purse and it is not enough at all.

As I kept on thinking, I thought that the best I can do is to go to RSAT which is a clinic for army in the army camp. It is quite weird for a civilian to go to army clinic to get treatment and medical check-up. I have no choice because I do not have enough money. I went to the counter and tell them my situation and problems. “Army is generous and willing to help at any time” said a Sergeant. I started with blood and urine test which took me about 10 minutes as they have all the equipment ready. After that I went to a room for eyes sight test which took me about 5 minutes. Finally, I have to go for chest x-ray scan but sadly, the x-ray house is full with a long list and I only can do it on next Monday. I told the nice and friendly army nurse that I am going to Timberland Medical Centre to get my X-Ray done and I paid for RM 25.00.

What amazed me was that why I cannot do my medical check-up at public clinic as a citizen of Malaysia and civilian and not army. Are they out of staff or the workers in the government clinic are lazy. It indicated that the Ministry of Health has not delivered their good service as what is stated in their mission and vision statement. Why should I go to army clinic to get this thing done while there are many government clinics around? Shall we call for Dr. Chua Soi Liek to reinstate and fix those blunders? Yes, you cannot expect much because it is a free of charge service. Excuse me?? Who pays their salary? Are they paid to do nothing? Are they lack of staff? Well, we educated many students and let them to be jobless. The funds are use in such a corrupted way and we are out of money to pay for chemist, radiologist and specialist. We are not lack of doctors or chemist bet lack of money to pay them. Where is the money? You know it as I found that is is better to have medical treatment in the army camp rather than in the public clinic.
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