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Monday, June 9, 2008

When The Rooster Crows VI

A liter of Oil, A Bunch of Riders.

Everyone is affected by the fuel price increment and so to the motorists. I paid RM 5 for 1.77 liter of fuel for my old Honda EX5 motorcycle. I have to spend RM 10.00 to travel to town and back home. It is equal to driving a Perodua Kancil with that amount of fuel from home to town in last month. That means I have to pay more and get wet by the rain as now is the rainy season. Nevertheless, it is worth enough because Barisan Nasional has paid us the best price for our votes.

The story goes like this. I drove my friend’s car to town to send her son back to their home in town. On the way back to kampung, we saw a bunch of riders (pemandu and pembonceng) on a motorcycle. I was stunned as I have never seen such thing happening in town ever before. I should have my digital camera to post the picture here in the blog. Hope to get one. I am working very hard and waiting for Raja to send one for me. There were four of them on the bike and I believe that they are a family. The youngest son was sitting down in front of his dad and the eldest one was between the father and the mother. The mother was sitting with her leg hanging and not on the foot races. It was not happening on the kampung road but on the urban road where cars are plenty. I was looking at them until the traffic light turn into green.

What they have done was a very dangerous ride and if they get accident, someone or all of them maybe in trouble or die. How can there are four people riding on a motorcycle in such a dangerous way? What if they get into accident and one or two of them die? Will it worth for a RM 2.96 per liter of fuel? The answer is in us to think and analyze. Yes, it is wrong to have more than two persons on a motorcycle and there must be no tattoo show on the public road. But, I believe that they cannot afford to have at least a Kancil or used car as they cannot afford for a high price of fuel.

On our journey heading to town, I saw a Mercedes Benz car with QSG plate number and that is Sarawak Government vehicle. I started to play with the driver by slowing down at the right lane. The driver gave me signal to turn to the slow lane but I refused until he found a chance to overtake me from the left lane. It was not because I disrespect the driver or the Dato’ inside the car but I was upset with their business. We pay them everything but they gave us hell and it is not fair. As a result, he does not deserve respect from the people which they are enslaving. Why should we say greeting to bandits who are on the way to rob your belonging?

From what I have experienced, I have seen two different things. One was the poor family on one motorbike and one man in a one big government car with free fuel. Maybe some may call me communist because I may say that there must be no rich and poor, slave and master or capitalist and “toilers” in this very state. But the thing is that we are paying more while the bandits are smiling and enjoying free fuel from the people. What will happen if the country keeps those greedy ministers and government servant? The price of everything will increase because we are having “primary one” minister in the cabinet which most of them are from Barisan Nasional or “Budak Nakal”.

Why should we thank Pak Lah and Najib allowance deduction while the others are enjoying luxury lives from the people’s contribution? Those who have a personal jet and million worth boat must be gunned down so that we have enough money to help the people. We must deduct Taib’s “allowance” too so that the Sarawakians have enough money to develop the state. So it must apply to Khairy “the richest jobless” and the rest of the ministers too. Sell those mansions in New Zealand and Australia to get money to help the people and that is the most sacred and holy sacrifice to the Malaysians.

I don’t think that we have to follow the global price of oil while we are producing our own fuel. In fact, Petronas had never declared loss as what MAS had done. Petronas has plenty of rigs and many of them are in Middle East region as what we know about Oil for Food business. Who is benefiting from the crude oil price increment? Petronas will declare millions Ringgit of profit this year and I believe that SCOMI will get something big too. Why should we help Petronas and SCOMI if these two “taukey” cannot help us? Or we have no choice because we need to work for fuel or else we will get hungry. We are not consuming fuel but food. Therefore, though there is no fuel in the pump station, we can still be alive because we have food in the shops.

We must fight against corruption and that is the best answer to the hiking price of goods and fuel “jihadly” and let it be the first command of the Islam Hadhari. It is not Haram to have some beer but it is a “Big Haram” if we practice “protected” corruptions. We are out of money because someone is building or buying something outside the country. How can a minister who earns RM 30K or less build a mansion oversea and having his personal jet? Yes, I know that it is a commission from somebody else due to good business deal, but corruption is still considered wrong. In fact, Mr. Clean has now become Mr. Unclean and I believe that the corridors are not going to be built because we have less investors due to the high price of materials and fuel.

I just don’t believe that the restructure plan of fuel subsidy is to increase the price and not to prevent those who smuggled fuel to Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia through fuel subsidy. And this is the beauty work of a bunch of “primary one” ministers to absorb the people money. Are we out of money to build those corridors? Maybe because we have a family of businessmen in our cabinet and he just cannot let it down for the sake of the country. Those who are weak must pay more to those who are strong and that is a common low in gangsterism.
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