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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Baket Ngayon Kalang?

DBNA has been unfairly blamed’
By Churchill Edward, The Borneo Post Press ( Wednesday, 25th June 2008)

KUCHING: The Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) has been unfairly blamed for not being strong enough in getting Mas Gading MP Datuk Dr Tiki to remain in the federal cabinet, an official of the association said yesterday.

Its vice-president Jameson Ahip Nawie told The Borneo Post this when asked to elaborate on a certain statement contained in a DBNA press release issued here yesterday.

“The community has blamed us (DBNA) for not being strong enough to support Dr Tiki. But how can we say much on the appointment when we are just volunteers (NGO)?” he said when contacted.

(Appointment of members of the federal cabinet is the prerogative of the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi following recommendations by political parties forming the government.)

Ahip clarified that the press statement did not suggest what he personally thought of Dr Tiki but disclosed what the Bidayuh community had thought about DBNA over the community’s non-representation in the federal cabinet.

He also rejected the suggestion that Abdullah was annoyed with DBNA to the extent that he dropped Dr Tiki from his cabinet.



DBNA should work fully as non-political and non-government organization. Mawan must have a very right and reasonable answers of Tiki’s dismiss since Tiki blindly joined this “party”. I may say that Tiki’s action to join SPDP as a stupid political career as he should know that SPDP has noting to do with the Bidayuh future. Baya, the State Secretary is just one of the Barisan Nasiional Political gimmick to draw the Bidayuh attention.

Why must DBNA to be blamed on this issue? Well, as we may know, DBNA has lost it vision to be the non-political movement. In fact, DBNA has been made to be the proxy for PBB and other “parties” since many years. I believe that Bidayuh could ever accept DBNA because they are helpless economically and politically. Most of the MP’s had risen up from the DBNA maybe was a secretary or president. They are many examples and the readers should know it better.

DBNA also was use to separate the Bidayuh into group of parties since they are scattered by various political party. Tanyuh for example, was a DBNA someone but now has to let the “organization” in suffer because he was or he is with SUPP (bisina). Most of the DBNA members now are PBB members and this is a very good sign to win the Bidayuh vote on the next State Election.

I was told by two CM cronies (both are Bidayuh) that the only way to support party is with money. Last few years, CM gave these two guys timbers license and contracts to support PBB. Well, why should we be in DBNA if it does not help us? In fact, DBNA and PBB are two same entities. DBNA cannot work with SPDP because DBNA is own by PBB. Somehow, financially, this “non-political” association is supported by PBB in order to run it better and not by SUPP or PRS or SPDP. The organization interest seems to be as “pengampu” to the CM and to work for the Bidayuh’s interest.

DBNA should work as the Bidayuh hope and dream and not as the political supporters. If DBNA wishes to be a political entity, it must be the only political party for the Bidayuh as what UMNO, MCA and MIC did. Now, I am ready to get blasted by the DBNA members.
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