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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Dream a Republic of Sarawak - Part I

1. Every morning when I wake up, I see myself as a puny ant in a huge anthill. To be an ant I have to be very diligent and prepared myself to be at least army and not a labor. The day seems to be more and more challenging but as a puny ant I have to strive to survive.

2. This is a democracy state where you have right and privilege to earn, to multiply, to plant, to harvest, to share and to give. The laws are made for us to be a most privileged citizen compared to the immigrants who even live a better live in here.

3. I see streets are empty; no more hawkers, shops are silent; no more buyers, buses getting lest; worst public transport. When I go back to my tiny hometown, people are harnessing basket of grain. It's harvesting season. We planted crops on the ancestor's land which we never have. Soon, we will lost those land and the trees will be cut down.

4. I earn RM 1500.00 per month as an engineers while my colleagues earn RM 4000.00 per month at peninsular. The fish price is RM 13.00 per Kg while in peninsular my colleagues can buy it for RM 5.00 per Kg. I bought onion for RM 4.80 per Kg few months ago but now I have to pay RM 18.00 per Kg. Life is getting hard in here but nobody cares. This is survival law and everyone must adapt.

5. I saw few PPRT and community hall projects at several kampungs. Some are built with timber instead of concrete. RM 40K could be a better house in Kampung but still there is not electricity in those PPRT houses. Some community halls are abandoned and there is no sign of the job completion. Why there is no investigation form kampung headmans and district authorities?   

6. Is this a better state for the struggle and marginalized? We voted our representative but he is busy with concubines and business. Should we regret? I do but not to the rest of the people. Politics drew them into delusion to ignore their rights and privileges. 
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