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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Fundamental of Democracy

1. According to Mr. Mahathir ( Malaysia Former PM) the basic of democracy is election. The people will vote a person to be their representative in the government.

2. The democratic government must be form in a way that the majority will be the government. At least 2/3 of the contested constituencies.Somehow, the minority will be the opposition and they will not govern the country.

3. Our challenge today is the have a total democracy, which mean no opportunist and manipulator. Few years back political parties were established by the true nationalist such as teachers, scholars and farmers.

4. Nowadays, political parties are sponsored by capitalist and opportunist. The reason it happens is that those capitalist need the government to protect and preserve their interest in the countries.

5. UMNO high council members are those who are rich. The reason why UMNO is still a strong political party today because it members. They are the capitalist. UMNO owns country largest media, government billion worth project and properties. Eg. government-link companies and banks.

6. In Sarawak, PBB, SUPP, SPDP, PRS are the political parties that have a lot of money as well. PBB president has billion dolar worth of properties from government project, timber and lands. SUPP is maintained by gangsters in order to survive . SPDP is Rimbunan Hijau sponsored party where the Chinese tycoon uses the party to get land for plantation and timber. PRS also sponsored by Chinese, Mr. Sng to do family business.

7. It's obvious that democracy today is form by the opportunist and capitalist. There is no government of the people, by the people for the people as the people has a limited right under the disparity constitutions. The government cannot be too transparency because it might fail the people. The corruption rate hike as the opportunist and capitalist have to work with the government to achieve their demand and interest. 

8. The greatest challenge for the people nowadays is to change their mind and perception towards a government. They have failed to form a government that can serve, protect and assist them. In fact, they have form a government that depressed them and steal form them. They have lost a lot to the government but they get nothing in return.

9. Should be form a democratic republic and reject constitutional monarchy? I think this is a modern though that might spark misunderstanding to the Malay in peninsular. They need monarchy to protect their "interest and right" to govern and to maintain their supremacy as the greatest race in the country. The monarchy must be maintained and only then Barisan Nasional will ever rule. We have seen someone undress his dagger because some one has "insult" the king.

10. How long do we need monarchy if they cannot serve the whole citizens? When I look at Norodom Sihanouk nowadays, he is nothing different from a toy in the supermarket. He is now a king for nothing and doing nothing. That's is why Burma is the most corrupted country in the world.

11. I think, the best for Sarawak and Sabah is the be independent and form a republic country as we are just a member of the Malaysia and not as part of the country. Sabah and Sarawak contributed the most to the federal but they get the least. In fact, Sabah and Sarawak are not the part of Malaysia but as a colonized territories of the Malaya. 
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