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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Started A Joke

 The Way I See It.

The Dayak fate is yet to be challenge again in this coming state election. Most of the rural constituencies are Dayak's seat and they never lost them to BN except during PBDS and STAR era. The Dayak made almost half of the Sarawak Population but yet they are used by a minority to fool and marginalized them. I do not have any idea or philosophic method to figure out why this happened to them as they are willing to be colonized and marginalized.

During the Dayak era; Tun Jugah and Stephen Kalong Ningkan, the Dayak are the ruler and government of Sarawak. They governed only because Abdul Rahman wanted to form the Federation. Soon after the federation was born, then The Datak was kicked out of the office and the new kid came to seize power. Rahman Yaakub then try to get help from Dayak to oust Taib from the office but somehow he failed because Taib canceled some of the Rahman timber projects.

Well, that is not the story but my big question is that why the majority Dayak cannot make themselves as the ruler of the state. A bunch of wolf are defeated by a group of turtles and that is the funny thing that happened since 1963 until now. PBDS was form once SNAP was split up. Then PBDS managed to get attention from the federal government but not that long because the Iban still practicing head hunting during that time. So PBDS wad de-registered  by ROS in 2003 and then PRS and SPDP were form as the "Dayak" party.

I believe that this scenario has been a great lesson to the Dayak on their disunity, greed of power and selfish have made the Dayak as scavengers in an abundance land. Somehow, they ignore the history and moving on into the deep dark future and destruction. Now, the Dayak are splitting into millions parties and this is the advantage for the minority to continue to overrule and depress them. They have no voice in the house of representative or state assembly because they are minority in all political party. Dayak cannot speak-up their demand in SUPP because SUPP majority are chinese. In PBB only Taib and the Malay rule because Jabu and Manyin are two against hundreds.

Are the Dayak getting sick by their idiocy? In fact, they are getting happier and happier. Tomorrow will will see another dayak new political party. Or we can name is Parti Dayak Bersatu or Parti Dayak Baru or Parti Original Dayak. The Dayak did realized that the Taib way of rule is really work. Split and rule. If the Dayak unite in one party, then their party will be de-registered because they are playing with racial issue. That is why Dayak are everywhere either in PBB, SUPP, SPDP, PRS, MCA, MIC, PKR, DAP, UMNO, PBS, Pasok and and UPKO.

The advantages to be in various parties are various. One, Dayak leader can build their own wealth without sharing with other fellow Dayak. So, Dayak politicians can harvest wealth with their associate parties. Two, if Dayak are in various parties, the whole world will praise them because they portrayed their nationalism spirit by working together with other races. Three, the Dayak politicians can live on their own and nobody will distract them.The Dayak in SUPP will not have to worry about Dayak villagers because the other Dayak form PBB or UPKO can take care of the villagers. So the easy life politician can give more time to their business and personal life.

Is it wrong to be unity? No. MCA is a Chinese based party and Ibrahim Ali is not eligible to join them. So to MIC where Chua Soi Lek is not eligible to join as well. Somehow, UMNO open it door to other races but to be with the team, you must be converted to muslim. Only few Sabahan joined UNMO but only those natives in the rural Sabah who does not know their race and religion. What made PBDS weak was intimidation and selfish dayak.Taib only work with those who joined him and that is the great fear to the Dayak. So, many of them defunct to PBB, SUPP and SNAP and continue their legacy. Those who are tired, resign from politic and live their own life. Those who are still demanding, formed two sub parties and continue to scavenging for life. They are PRS and SPDP. These two party even cannot work together for better Dayak as well and sometime they quarrel to get a piece of rotten meat. The fed-up Dayak then join opposition such as PKR.

If we look a the whole picture, the Dayak are like star in the sky but to a milky way. I don't know if there is any previous Dayak proposed a single party for a better majority voice like MCA, MIC and UMNO. But, the requirement to be in BN component is the party must be multiracial. Now, the Dayak only united under their associations such as SADIA, DBNA and some other non-profit organizations. It will be a threat for Taib if the Dayak unite together because the has successfully divided the Dayak into sub-minor parties. To continue to rule them, Taib uses the most brutal approach; intimidation. 

Will the Dayak re-unite again? No. They will not. Although there is a lot of attempts to reunite the Dayak but it failed due to their own attitude and idiocy. The Dayak cannot work together because they are thought to be selfish, arrogant and a better follower. No any political party or individual can reunite the Dayak too because different individual has different message to the Dayak which are message of wealth, fame and power. As long as the Dayak are not educated, poor and weak, they will continue to be marginalized, depressed and fool by the others and their own leaders.           
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