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Monday, June 24, 2013

Towards Malay's Government Glory.

There were two groups of voters in last 13th General Election. One group is still value the hope for more developments and another one is the group that demanded a more democratic, clean, just and transparent government. Some called the PRU 13 as Racial Tsunami and People Tsunami. These two giant's clash divided the people into two; conventional politic (development, unity, harmonious, racial politic) and new order of politic (clean, just, transparent and decent).

Nevertheless, the new cabinet line-up this year is quite different in term of representatives. It’s a UNMO domination from both peninsular and Sabah. Almost 80% of the seats are allocated to UMNO due to MCA departure from national government due to bad performance.

The Malacca Malay Glory (Kegemilangan Melayu Melaka) has emerged again this century after the Portuguese, Dutch, Aceh and British era in Malaya. The imbalance of representative in term of race will be a great challenge for Najib to initiate “national reconciliation” and continue on his political transformation agenda; beyond racial politics in the coalition. It will be a difficult task to move the government with less support especially by those in urban areas and most importantly bringing the Chinese into national agenda. Perhaps my race-based statements are void in terms of democratic nation value but this is the reality of Malaysia’s race-base politic which UMNO-BN is holding on. The great race above all races for better Malaysian government. How UMNO going to resolve scattered pieces of support and arrange the millions pieces of uncertainties into a good piece of jigsaw puzzle?

It is the best time for UMNO to implement “Racial Transformation” program since they have the power to rule for next 5 years without the MCA SUPP, Gerakan and lesser MIC in the parliament. Transformation; which mean of unconditional acceptance and understanding with great sensitivity. BN-UMNO must accept that Malaysia is a multi-racial and multi-culture country with variety of behaviors and demands of its citizen either they are residing urban or rural areas. Malay must prove to Malaysian that they are capable of everything including sacrificing their bad impression on DAP as communist Chinese party led by sole socialist ideologist. Will UMNO be the same party as it was in the 50’s, 60’s and early millennium? The survival of UMNO is no more under race supremacy and demography but the support of whole nation either the Malay, Chinese, India and Borneo natives. They have to prove that UMNO will be a good, clean, just and transparent government. By this, UMNO-BN will survive the “isolation” from the “democratic” citizen of all races.

The continuation of Malay glory should be based on total reformation from the root-ground of the party such as eradicate corruption, favoritism and cronism. If The Malay opportunists join UMNO-BN for business and personal gains, they should sacrifice their business profit (doubtful profit) and build the trust of the opposition parties to give them a slim mandate to rule again. If UMNO-BN could survive this, they will be able to win the heart of the Malaysian and preserve their glory that was established since Malacca history
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