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Monday, June 24, 2013

Re-building a Young Malaysia.

Malaysia - A nation for all races. 

56 Years old Nation is a young and long journey for Malaysia to catching up with the rest of it neighbors. Indonesia is rising up after years of survival form great nation "confusion" and Myanmar is loosing down their Junta government by welcoming democracy through global's watch on political oppression and intimidation to NLD's Aung San Suu Kyi the daughter of Modern Burma founder, Mr. General Aung San.

Indonesia survived decades of Socialist dictator, Sukaerno who founded Indonesia Raya. Soon after that, Acheh Independent Movement, Economic dooms by corruptness of Suharto and political trials with Gus Dur, Students Reformation and ethnic violent in Sambas, Ambon and religion conflicts in some other places. Indonesia is the biggest country in the South East Asia with less wise people to manage it. Somehow, as time changes and the people on United Nation of Republic Indonesia see the best for their country, they raise up and join hands to re-build the ruins. Now, Indonesia is moving faster than ever before with plantations, industrial and foreign direct investors are coming in. My facebook friend told me that last week, Indonesia has their very first business outsourcing policy which will break- down monopoly and profit sharing through outsourcing. Indonesia is doing great this time and will be greater in few years to come.

Malaysia was a great country in 1990's when Vietnam is recovering from civil war funded by America and Soviet Union. South Korea also recovering from arsenal test by both superpower. Mahathir has set a policy for Malaysia to look to the east (Japan) to increase productivity, discipline in civil services and bringing industry to Malaysia. Malaysia first industrial hub was Shah Alam with its heavy industrial activities. We have good port in Johore and Port Klang. We enjoy so much prosperity where government servants enjoy 1-2 month of salary bonuses every years. Mahathir invented modern Malaysia for more than 20 years from a agricultural country.

Somehow, the growth slowing down and Malaysia seems to be retarded or malnutrition. Its neighbors see it as an opportunity to raise up and compete with the best policy to move their country. Singapore went into Multinational economy and enhance their country with the best economic policy that relevant to Singaporeans. Mr. Harry Lee (Mentor Minister Lee Kuan Yew) built Singapore from a swamp into a metropolitan with no natural resources. What he did was calling all the rich multinational companies to invest in Singapore as their second office to manage their business in Asia Pacific. They came in and built their office with attractive condition from Singapore government. Singapore overtook Malaysia and they survive in a vast Malay archipelago. " The world will never see a great Singapore without Mr. Harry Lee" :- Tom Plate, Conversation with Lee Kuan Yew.

Perhaps, Malaysia have to "calibrate" and adjust their policy and vision to be the best among the rest. We have lost too much from decades of confusion, lost of direction and silly grumbles. We spent to much time to "relocate" or harmonious country by differentiate the citizen into category of race, religion and political party. Too much race and culture to take care of and yet nothing improves. Racial policies and plan are no more relevant to Malaysia because the citizens are no more bonded by wide gab of economic separation. The Malay is no more leaving in the village planting paddy and so to the Indians in the rubber estate while the Chinese making business in town. Malaysia is well united and they life in such a healthy environment with mutual respect and understanding. What tarnished it was racial political parties that could not see a subsided policy for Malaysia. UMNO with Malays agenda and supremacy and MCA with Chinese with business empires. The Dayak with dayak's matters and so to the rest of the races.

We lost our direction because we spent so much time to grumble among our-self. We talk about vision and prosperous nation and yet we do a little about it and doing a lot of "race polishing" policy to benefits a group of people. There is imbalance race in civil servants which affected the Indians and they end up with Hindraf. The Malay-Muslim feel that Islam is exaggerated by Freedom of Religion and they end up with PERKASA with a vocal leader who fears no law. Malaysia will have no time to accomplish their visions 2020 if they could not get back to their original track. 1 Malaysia should be a good platform for a less time of implementation. Uphold rule of law and defer religious and racial supremacy will be the best policy for a multi-racial and multi-cultural country. Najib is having such a hard time to rule Malaysia with a lot of unnecessary issue that he has to digest alone.

I see street protest, explosives and riots in Malaysia which is never happen in my entire life. BERSIHs, HINDRAF, PERKASA and so much fraction in the country that were masterminded by a group of people in the name of freedom and equality. Those should never happens in the first place if we have a good governance; listen to the people and tolerate "rebellion" and talk about it and solve it. In fact, we see arrogant government that uses enforcement to intimidate precious voices of the country. We rather put a water canon in the street than good debate to educate the public and having a mutual understanding to run the country in a good manner and better way.

We see more sex videos and lies in TV rather than "balance" and relevant news by the media. 90% of the TV shows tarnishes opposition party and individuals who could not agree with the government. We put too much effort on lies and forget our very responsibly to improve patriotism through medias. Therefore, we lost our intention to build a strong and harmonious country and what we do the most is gossiping and condemning other people. A great nation is not determined only by their economic and military power but the direct involvement between the government and the citizens to build the country from zero ground into a developed country.

There is a lot to do in Malaysia. We have put our education system into rat cage for experiment which in unwise move to produce an educated citizen. Politician will never loose form the policy as they send their children to oversea to study. The victim are the people who "craving" for better education without sending their kids to oversea. Years of flip-flops and million ringgit of expenses only produces incompetent fresh graduates which are the corner-stone for Malasian human capital.

We need to refurnished freedom of religion so that no one is intimidated by "supreme" religion to build a healthy social living. No one should confiscate holy writings and no one should preach a bad image of other religion. Perhaps, we should practice moderate religion and what is the best for multi-racial country is a silent prayer in a room. There should be none of us proclaim God ownership in the public but into our very heart.

Malaysia must catching up or else they will get retarded and lag behind. Hopefully, GE13 will determine what is the best for Malaysia. I beg to defer for better Malaysia
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