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Friday, July 4, 2008

The Step Children’s Grievance

What do Sabahans and Sarawakians want?
By James Chin, The Borneo Post Press (Friday, 4th July 2008)

EAST Malaysia is very much in the news lately. With more than a quarter of MPs coming from there, it is generally acknowledged that they were the key to Barisan Nasional’s continued hold on power.

Since March 8, MPs and other politicians from Sabah have grown more vocal about the ‘neglect’ of East Malaysia since independence, making subtle references to the possibility that they could easily switch their support to Pakatan Rakyat if the federal government does not resolve their grievances.

There are several main grievances and their resolution may not be forthcoming in the short term.

The first issue is the date of independence. In the peninsula, independence is often taken to be 1957 when self-government was put in place. In East Malaysia, they see the proper date of independence as 1963 when the Federation of Malaysia was established.

Additionally, there is some unhappiness with the term Sabah and Sarawak ‘joining’ Malaysia when in fact Malaysia did not exist before 1963. For East Malaysians, Sabah, Sarawak, Singapore and Malaya came together as equal partners to form the Federation of Malaysia. Using the term ‘join’ implies that East Malaysia joined an existing political entity as junior partners.

The second big issue is the federal government’s commitment to a set of state rights guarantees attached to the Malaysia Agreement, commonly referred to as the ‘20 Points’.

Among the key points were:

• Islam’s status as the national religion was not applicable to East Malaysia;

• Immigration control was vested in the state governments;

• Borneonisation of the civil service would be a high priority and English can be used as an official language;

• No changes to the ‘20 Points’ guarantees can be made without the agreement of the Sabah and Sarawak state governments. A clause was inserted giving all the parties the right to review the 20 Points after 10 years, ie, 1973.

• The natives of East Malaysia would be on par with the Malays and other indigenous groups in the peninsula, ie full Bumiputera status.

Taken as a whole, the 20 Points, if read in their entirety, give the East Malaysian states considerable political autonomy. However, the public view in East Malaysia is that there has been considerable dilution of the 20 Points for the past 45 years.

For Sabahans, the issue of immigration control is widely seen as a joke given the large number of illegal migrants in the state. Depending on who you talk to, the number of illegals in the state is between 1-1.5 million.



It has been many years the “Malay” has neglected the grievances of the Sabahans and Sarawakians. The “denial of service” attitude is the only way to hold the angered step children. Though Kelantan is secured by PAS politically, the “Malay” government still put their wide eyes at the state. He same happening to Pulau Pinang, Selangor, Kedah and Perak too as there are now the lost treasure of the pirates.

What was going wrong with Sabah and Sarawak? We have to put a little bit blame to those who were money greed. First, we should put Tun Jugah as the non-schooling “tuai rumah” for selling Sarawak to Abdul Rahman through out special agent, Cobbold Commission. He was then given a large scale of logging concession together with those who agreed to sale the land of hornbill. Sarawak was sold as cheap as a plate of dinner meal and a night stay in a cheap hotel in Malaya. Now, Sarawak has lost it oils and timber to UMNO in order to be saved from “communist” attack and Indonesian “confrontation”. We should not join Federation of Malaysia if we love the people of Sarawak. That should be the first thought of Tun Jugah. Somehow, it as always right when people say money is root of evil. The Aborigines, is now have no right to their mother lands ad they are declared as “stale land”. There will be no an Iban chief minister as the “ Malayism policy” allowed only “muslim malay” to rule over the state. Though Sarawak has less problem with illegal immigrants, most of the MPs are not appointed because they are not “Malay” though they are converted to muslim in order to enjoy the “Malay” supreme special rights. Though there will be more money to be added soon, Sarawak will never get the right answer from Badawi on the future of the state.

The Sabahan has to bow down to Musa Aman as the mindless Tun Mustapha Harun sold Sabah to UMNO with 1 unit personal Boeing and houses. Donald Stephen was killed at Sembulan, Sabah as he asked for Sabah independent in Labuan due to oil royalty issue. Harris Salleh was then being enthroned to rule over vast tribes of Sabah with primary two certificates. He was gunned down by PBS, the aborigine’s party lead by Pairin Kitingan. The political scenario in Sabah has no happy ending as the state is facing poverty and illegal immigrant. They are facing economic struggle as they receive less form the federal government. The government (under Najib order) is reducing the number of illegal immigrants in Sabah after SAPP was said to give no-confident vote to Badawi. Although it is seem to be the persuasion to the Sabahan, the long time wound has not been cured as the government has no answer to demolish IMM13 documents. The Sabahans are loosing their lands to the local developer (FELDA) as they are intimidated with guns and spears. The saga will soon continue on as the Federal government is busy with Najib and Anwar clown show though Badawi admitted that there is no problem with the current government.

The Sabahan and Sarawakians have to think now or regret later. If there is a chance to get independent from “Malay” government, it is now to voice it out or else we are just crying inside our closet. In fact, these two states have lost a lot in order to be independent under the “Malay” present government. The time has come to Badawi to examine the Sabah and Sarawak royalty to Barisan Nasional. The 20-point memorandum must be uphold so that the step children can be console after a long years of grievances. If not, we better consult for independent and out of the “sovereign” UMNO country since we are staying inside a small toilet in a big mansion.

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