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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ass Hole News?

Damn the dam critic
By Puvaneswary Devindran
The Borneo Post Press, Saturday (26th July 2008)

Taib slams activist; says he should make careful study before opening his mouth

KUCHING: Chief Minister Pehin Sri Abdul Taib Mahmud yesterday said the criticism directed at Sarawak’s 12 proposed hydroelectric dams was an ‘old tune’ played by someone ignorant of the state’s condition and its future direction.

He said the world was facing depleting energy resources, particularly fossil fuel, where for every four barrels of oil used, only one new barrel was found.

“The world has been trying to overcome this, and then someone in Penang comes up to sing the same old tune and criticise Sarawak without knowing what the condition here is like.

“He (critic) should make a careful study before opening his mouth,” the Chief Minister told reporters after opening the Sixth Wacana Pendidikan Islam at a hotel here yesterday.

Taib did not say who that ‘someone’ was but he nevertheless slammed the person and others for making an issue out of the whole thing when it was a non-issue in the first place.

He said that Mulu National Park would not be submerged with the building of a proposed dam in Tutoh as the park was located further away.

Environmental activists had claimed that the park, known as the ‘Jewel of Sarawak’ would be submerged if the dam were to be built, and in the process, it would lose its status as a World Heritage Site.

Besides Tutoh, the other 11 proposed dams are located at Ulu Air, Metjawah, Belaga, Baleh, Belepeh, Lawas, Limbang, Baram, Murum and Linau rivers.

Its my first time reading a harsh title in borneo post press after Sarawak Tribune was forced to close-down due to harsh attempt to play with the "prophet". My very question is why the editor allowed such harsh word to be printed in the public media. It is something like blaming bloggers as the “subversers” and troble maker. Is this the best way to show how arrogant the chief minister is? Sime Dardy withdrew from SCORE project due to “costing” matter but it is not. Someone needs to spend the government’s fund to get rich and not to do EIA.

My second question is, why should we react to the activist childishly? They are activist and cannot do anything because they are always below the rule of law. That is why we sent Bruno to grave yard because he is just an activist and not more that that. One more thing. He is under the law. Normally, those who are under the law are always depressed by those who made the law. Now it seems to me that in Sarawak, we do not need to hear what other people say because we are more intelligent than them all. Thus, we blame those who try to give their opinion and suggestion regarding to some issue. The people of Sarawak have never realized that they are living under Nazi party for more than 20 years. Next few years we may get Karadzic in the state house.

Let see what I found in Padawan though there is another raw water dam project in that area (Bengoh dam). As I rode along the gravel and muddy 100 years old Padawan Road, I feel that the Bengoh Dam project has no worth to the aborigines. The road is leaved “unseal” though there were thousand of “land breaking” ceremonies were made to lie to the aborigines. The asphalt seal is now only from Tapah to Begu and Link-Road is left unsealed.

The oil Palm for worst facility. Good act of Jabu Numpang (NCR Goddess)

Yes, there is some “development” in that area but to some religion only. SALCRA oil palm was made to the Muslim in Belimbing and Timurang and some at Rayang. The develoment is no fair to those non-muslim aborigines. Do we have to convert to get four or five oil palm trees? Which law or ordinance those tell us to convert to get some government project? It is applicable to those “minister” to get “datuk” titleship.

The new kingdom of Heaven? We are not infidels. We were brothers & sisters

We are not just being fooled but marginalized due to the religion and racial issue. The government is making the geratest kingdom of religion by marginalizing the aborigines. Not only that, we are intimidated by the chief minister if we vote oppostion. We know that he has everything, from a witch until an assassin and you can name it. How can an old man rule such in a very long time if he does not have any extra strength?

Road to Heaven made by Barisan Nasional

We, the aborigines are more important than activist and we are not the slaves to the state because we owned the state. The Bengoh dam must give us return because NCR land shoud never be converted to State land and we deserved development ahead of such "project".

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