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Friday, July 11, 2008


Don’t fear merger, says Mawan
By Ting Tieng Hee, The Borneo Post Press,
Thursday (10th July 2008)

Proposal to merge SPDP and PRS should not alarm any party as it has good intentions: President

KUCHING: The proposed merger of Sarawak Progressive Democratic Party (SPDP) and Parti Rakyat Sarawak (PRS) should not alarm any party, said Dato Sri William Mawan Ikom.

“Nobody need to fear about the proposed merger of SPDP and PRS as we are in for good purposes and intentions,” the SPDP president told reporters at his office at Bangunan Baitulmakmur in Petra Jaya yesterday.

He said SPDP, as a multiracial party, was committed to be always loyal, friendly and a team worker as far as unity in the country and unity in the government was concerned.

Mawan said the merger was a serious effort and something that was broad-based and a long-term planning to consolidate not only BN component parties in the state but also the Dayak community.

“We have given a very thorough thought into this merger as a party and that’s why we put a very solid and deep commitment into it long time ago by forming our committee which is headed by our deputy president and a lot of senior members,” he added.

Pak Lah's new ultimate pet

Though I am not a very brilliant political analysis, there is one thing that reminded me on the unity of the aborigines. In his book, “The Broken Shield” the writer told that the aborigines have faced several failures under one political party. First, SNAP was told to be the answer to the aborigine’s unity but was not. Then Pesaka made a very substantiate political manifesto to be the aborigines’ help but Rahman, Taib and Jugah made it as the business opportunity to accumulate wealth. The aborigines were united firmly under one party since many years. The sub-party is PBB and another sub-party is PBDS. These subs were merged to form one political entity for the aborigines.

After PBDS faced a very shame crisis between “sifu” and “apprentice”, the aborigines have to accept the fact that thay cannot unite themselves under one “dream” party. SPDP and PRS were form to prove that the aborigines have no gut to appose their fellow aborigines. As I always say, “if there is one aborigine, there is one political party and if there are many aborigines, there are many political party”. Almost the same to Indians and Chinese where there are many version of “separatist” among them. That is why they are marginalized because they cannot accept unity but have to separate to gain wealth and titles.

The aborigines should not merge to be another “brotherhood of underdog” to Pak Lah. It is not a threat to PBB or SUPP in general but another threat to the aborigines themselves. I do not see any goodness from this merging proposal unless Mawan and Masing can prove that they are good two Iban leaders. We have seen how Moggie was made a living sacrifice at the Ming Court Hotel and someone told that “he” is innocent from such accusation of money politic. That was a very good back stabbing work of the Iban to be a paramount leader among the tribes of aborigines.

Yes, I know that we cannot join PBB because of so many issues. Taib could not accept the aborigines because Melanau and Malay are dominating the party. There should be no such thing so called “kacau daun” in PBB. If Barisan Nasional care for the aborigines, Pak Lah should give us an advice to be under one political party and not another big “running dog”. Of course, we cannot be in one political party because we will be left behind in term of bargaining power and distribution of wealth. But, have Bengoh receive something from SUPP instead of Kampung Tun Abdul Razak? I went around some of the villages under Riot constituency and there are many wooden houses and dusty road too.

Someone is telling me that Manyin is a very great leader and not a traitor. Well, tell me if he can bring all the Bidayuh under PBB or elase we can called him as father of running dog. Yes, I do not know much about politic as what some of you may think of. I have my eyes to see what is going on with the aborigines and have ears to listen to their grief. The ting is that, I am not a liar to the aborigines but not to merge them to be another running dog!!

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