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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Short & Simlpe

What was happening last night between Anwar Ibrahim and Sabery is something like asking a innocent mouse to enter the dent of a cat. Please look at the picture below. Why don't Syed Hamid Albar himself face Anwar since he has a very solid idea on the oil price increment or best person is Dollah himself?


My concern are:

1. I ride a EX5 motorbike and spend RM 7.00 per day to top-up my petrol. In a month I spend RM 210.00 or more. How about those who drive Proton Savvy (Malaysian Petrol savvy Car). It must be burdensome. I will get RM 150.00 petrol rebate for a year whereby some of the politician are smuggling diesel to somewhere else and making million ringgit. And....the ministers do not have to pay even single cent for a gallon of petrol. All "tanggung halal" by government. It that fair?

2. We are blaming Iraq war and Iran next threat to be the cause of the hiking price of crude oil. Well, Malaysia is fine and no body wanted to attack. Why should we give such silly reason? We are producing oil and in fact, we are going to middle east to dig oil.

3. The hiking price of food such as rice and chicken is because of Targis Strom in Irrawaddy. Hehe. We can raise our own paddy and chicken with the vision of Industry of Agriculture & Agro Base Industry Ministry. We should focus on our own supply in steads of importing from Thailand and China and Cambodia. We spent million to import rice and meat but our land is untouched. Once again, Sabery talked nonsense.

We have a lot of reasons to defend the wrong doing of government and its cronies. SCOMI (the GLC or Dollah link company...) stock price performance is going well since the price of crude oil is "steady" (USD 140.00 per barrel). PETRONAS announced its profit even though the spent a lot for exploration and to "feed the government". Reason to raise the petrol price is due to high exploration price and global market. BUT, these two crooks did not loose even 1 cent for its operation's cost!! The issue of heritage is not a good and appropriate topic to debate since it is just a personal attack to anyone in the parliament.

Oh God...I am talking like a mad again. Am I??
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