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Friday, January 20, 2012

Riddle of the Jokes

Masai Vs. Beringin

I love to watch P.Ramlee movie’s called Nujum Pak Belalang (Pak Belalang the Astrologer). There is one scene where Udo Umar acts as   Masai’s astrologer and P.Ramlee acts as (Beringin Rendang ‘s astrologer). The two sultan of the state have agreed to challenge their astrologer wisdom by riddle contest. Somehow, I manipulate the original content of the riddle (Marriage to Corruption). Here is how the scene goes like:  

Udo Umar asked P.Ramlee,
What is the meaning of this:
1 - A lot (many-many)
2 - A little (little-little)
3 - Rarely (rare-rare)
4 - Seldom (seldom-seldom)
What is that mean?

P. Ramlee answers: 

1 – a lot (many-many)
Meaning: - In Malaysia there are many people involved in corruption. They are cops at the roadside, Customs officer, Immigration officer, school headmaster, contractors and even a school boy offer bribe. 

2 – A little (little-little)
Meaning: - In Malaysia there a little case of corruption that is done by a couple or a partner. Although it happens, the couple will strongly deny and bring the public who know their deeds to court of justice. 

3 – Rarely (rare-rare)
Meaning: - In Malaysia, a group of tree are rarely involve in corruption. Although there are ministries, department and state department are involved, the only scapegoat is someone at one level. For example, in NFC graft case, only one guy get caught but not 3 which comprises of Minister of Agriculture, Ministry of Finance and NFC's CEO who convicted together. Somehow, those three know about how RM250 mil was spent to dry and one guy get knock down. 

4 – Seldom (seldom-seldom)
Meaning: - In Malaysia, we seldom heard of a family group involve in graft and corruption. In only happened in Sarawak Chief Minister household.
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