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Friday, February 3, 2012

Money, Money, Money!!

And Here its goes again.

1.    It is the first time in Malaysia history that government gives a lot of money to the people. People are given RM500.00 in cash, student get RM200.00 book voucher and school children got RM100.00 before 2012 school session begin. Money is dropping from the sky like monsoon rain. People are very happy and they have never been this happy since BN ruled the country for 5 decades.

2.    The people should thank BN for the “incentives and aid”. BN has always put people’s agenda in their party’s course. It is not a political motivation to help the helpless and hopeless. If BN win the next General Election, they should give more to the people. Not RM500.00 but maybe double.

3.    Our economy is gowning steadily. Our gross domestic product (GDP) recorded the highest in Asia. The government can give anything at anytime. No worry. There are damn much money.

4.    Should we think about it? Where’s the money come from? Our GDP could not overcome our dept.  We hired many foreigners to build houses, cleaning streets, plucking palm oil and they send money back home.

5.    “It’s not about the money” said Jessy J feat B.O.B. The truth is that money is not everything when everything is money. There is more grater thing that government put into priority. They should consider better pay for teachers, nurses and police. They work more than other departments. Improving public transport in Sabah and Sarawak should be the agenda to “economies the people”. Pay high wages to MACC and enforcement to reduce corruption. Dismiss racial based wealth distribution and uphold merit system to harvest the best product of Malaysian. What is the point to give a lot of money to raise-up the lazy and underclass when time is running out? 

6.    Yes. We need to help the needy and hopeless. It is everybody’s agenda in this planet. In fact, we are thought to help and care for those who are needed. UN has UNICEF to take care for the children and Malaysia has KEMAS to provide early education for children.  World is always a better place for the needy. They don’t have to think and work much. Helps are always there for them.   

7.    We are short of medical doctors, engineers, computer specialist and the most critical; inventors. The seasoning policy on education has put back Malaysia into the plastic tank and restarts the climbing on the slippery surface. While our neighbors are stressing English language to be used in Mathematics and Science, we are looking for best reason to reverse the truth for the sake of one race civilization.

8.    We should envy Singapore’s education system.  They speak mandarin at home but in school they speak English language. The Malays should ask how racist Lee Kuan Yew’s was when he is a PM. The underclass should compete with the Chinese to be the best of Singaporean. The Malays have opened their eyes on how important it is to have a good education. They are no more underclass but stand tall among the multi-racial Singapore.

9.    In Malaysia, we never like to look further. As long as there is money, we should vote for that party. Regardless their political agenda and policies. Money always first and future will be second issue. Nevertheless, why should we reject the offer? We have lost our taxes contribution to the government and now are the time to get some rebate. Otherwise, all the damn tone of money will be spent on “phantom project” and illegal money laundering. 
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