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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

When The Rooster Crows

Time Never Forget

1.    The SPDP saga reminded me on what was happening in SNAP few years ago. SNAP was tearing down to the ground by those who is/was in SPDP today. They formed SPDP when PBDS failed.

2.    This is what politic all about. They come, they eat, and they go. Repeated over and over again. When the nest is built, a group of termites will left the colony and builds another nest. It’s doesn’t matter either the new nest is firm or not as long as there is food to collect.

3.    It’s happened again in SPDP. Without those 5 elected member, SPDP is now a weak and smallest entity in BN. It will be a tough road waiting ahead. They have to work very hard to retain their 5 seats which are now under the defectors. By hook or by crook, SPDP must retain the seats in order to maintain their partnership with BN.

4.    Nevertheless, that is not the main issue for SPDP. The real issue is that, what is the Dayak’s perception on the ended SPDP’s saga. Defectors are not only happened in SPDP but almost all political party. In fact, it is a norm in political arena that someone gets tired and left the party.

5.    I asked few friends about what is happening and they said they did not know what is really happening in SPDP. I believe in God’s punishment and some believe in both God’s punishment and karma. What happened to the 5 defectors is karma of what they have done to SNAP before.

6.    To me, it is not karma but a matter of someone behavior, attitude and integrity. There is nothing eternity in politic. In fact, politic institution is the most fragile institution on earth. It is well proven by the history. Look at Rome, Ottoman, Nazi and others who collapsed. What make them re-known is not by their existence but by the artifact and storytelling of history. 

7.    It is the same thing with Dayak Politic. They were strong with SNAP and SUPP. Then, they tear them down and formed PBDS (Parti Bansa Dayak Sarawak). Then they formed SPDP and PRS. SPDP’s dark future might get the party to be de-registered or abandon by its members. Then what next? Mawan resign and be a GLC ceo? Maybe DRB-Hicom, CMS? Or SPNB? It might happen.  

8.    The Dayak has lost a lot from their representatives. They are hoping for better future but yet their representatives put aside the people agenda and strive for personal gain. Why used BN symbol during election if they cannot be an example to the Dayak? Why talk a lot when you are shaking? Doesn’t it show how idiot they are?

9.    They Dayak are tired of being disappointed and deceived. Don’t stand for them if you are shaking and behave irrational. The people will judge and mock you. Then, karma willcome and take you down.

10.    The Dayak must learn decently from this saga. There is no such “what is his/her contribution to the society” as what Dawos always say. What matter the most is the bright future. Scavenging will never end if the Dayak deny their struggle and ignorance.  I always walk pass by BDC dump site and other sites. The Dayak are scavenging for food, cloth, bottles and cans. All the while, who cares? Does the SPDP 5 care? No. They are now putting the price tag and those who pass by will buy them. Not PKR or STAR. Might be SUPP since they have vacancy that Wong’s clan doesn’t want.

11.    What the SPDP 5 did will never ends if they join other party. They join, they grab and they “quit”. Only money can sustain those with “special” attitude. Integrity and morality in politic is not a big deal because other people is doing the same as well. In fact, those who always defect are wealthier than those who stick with one party. But, the time will never forget this kind of people. Time tells the truth although it his hidden.
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