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Friday, January 13, 2012

Islamic Nations

Too hard to be true.

1. The whole Islamic countries condemn Israel for “murdering” the Muslims in Palestine. The Jews are called “Ruthless Zionist” and some of the Islamic leaders accuse USA for being their allied to wipe out the Muslim at West Bank.

2. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have made a statement that Iran is capable to erase Israel from the world map with only one blast. What made Iran a strong Islamic country today is not by their good relationship with others but the president’s arrogant in showing his nuclear weapon power.

3. Pakistan is now has to review its relationship with US after Osama Bin Laden death near it border and the Chinook attack on the US troops. Benazir Bhutto and her husband were accused of being too pro-American. She was slain and now Taliban is asking to be part of the government.

4. What is happening in Syria could not be ignored by the Islamic nations and they should do something to stop a Muslim man shooting his citizens.  Bashar Al- Assad must be brought to justice for the sake of the Muslims safety and liberty. Arab League is a week body to take care of the problem as they could solve any problem with people revolution.  Foreign media and terrorist are to blame in any death tragedy of the people.

5. Where is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad now when Syria need help? He who was acting like Muslim hero during UN submit last year and made a bitter speech to the delegations. Where are the so called “influential” Islamic leaders when Syrians are gunned down by the “terrorist”. The whole world will have to blame US for not taken care of terrorist who kills the people of Syria, Egypt and Libya. Why does OIC being so silent while the people are dying. Is that Only Arab League should restores peace in Arab Countries?No. Every single Islam Country must make a stand to save their people.

6. That is the problem with the Islamic countries. They are thought to obey Allah and safe their brothers and sisters from threat. Infidels die to save the religion values. Somehow, they cannot advice their allies to stop killing. They like to point fingers to others but refuse to co-operate among themselves to save the Islam civilization. When one leader tortures the citizens the others made themselves busy and pretend nothing happen. When thing get worse, the blame game will always on foreign media and terrorist.

7. What happens in Syria is an ugly picture of Islam. They like to mock on Israel, Jews, Christians and USA but could not save themselves for their ruthless statesman. They do not have to wake up and save Syria from civil war because what is happening will not affect the rest of the Islamic countries. After all, Islam is always greater then other religion.

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