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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Loosing Side of the Tribe

JKK, DBNA Head, MP and Plantation Company Scandal.

I would like to wish all a Happy New Year 2011. Indeed, it was a great year of 2010 and we have gone through it very well.

I was shock by a notice at a small church on the land occupation for “plantation” which covered Kampung Tepoi (Tebedu) up to Kampung Semuti (Padawan). It will cover morev than 200 hectare of land and it surely affected the villagers lands. The agreement of land custody was sign by 4 village headmen, PBB information representative for N.16 a.k.a JKK for Kampung Semuti and an advocate and solicitor personnel that represent the plantation company. I was informed by the villagers that our Padawan DBNA leader was the lobbyist and the village headmen and JKK were given an amount of money to agree to the “plantation” agreement.

Our JKK has just bought his new Toyota 4WD hilux with the money given by the plantation company for persuading all 4 village headmen to sign the custody agreement. He works as a clerk but yet he made money from every “opportunity” he made. He is very cunning and many villages have lost a lot from what he has done. He works very close with DBNA Padawan head, secretary of politicians, counsels and penghulu’s.

We are yet to see another loosing part of the Bidayuh at Padawan area after Borneo Highland Resort which gave us no return or better pay job. The advantages is at the Green Height as the resort was build on the NCR land and therefore nobody could voice up their disagreement because the developer is backing up by politician and JKK.

The said Plantation project has brought worries to the villagers as they may lost their pepper, cocoa and rubber farm as well as matured forest for paddy planting. It will come to worst scenario that the villagers will lost their fruit orchards and there will be no more cold clear streams. I do not have any idea on the claim or any compensation as there are proxies (JKK and DBNA Padawan) and for sure there is misconduct and I am yet to see another big Pajero for the JKK head.

The villagers will have to work with the plantation company for RM 13.00 per day or less and end up to social problem as the plantation company will hire foreign worker to work in the estate.

We never oppose any development project by BN but it seems that there is no any development project at Padawan area and yet the people are loosing their land pieces by pieces. I believe that they will at a bad lost if their leaders are wise, not corrupt and honest to the people. There is no disagreement or opponent has been made towards this plantation project and I am totally 1000% sure that the villagers will regret in the future.
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