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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

1 Malaysia

"People first, Performance Later"

1. It is merely a worst nightmare for BN to make Malaysia as high wages country in 2020.
2. High wages must be a high outcome or productivity country.
3. To be highly productive there must be high commitment and competency among the labors.
4. Malaysian recorded the most dangerous country in ASEAN where people can blast or burn human being. The culprit always be the schools boys or drug addict. We never know what is the real issue behind it because police is not an independent royal organization.
5. Malaysia records a high rate of corruption although MCCA was form as a total independent commissioner. Someone have to "jump" out of the windows to prove that he is not corrupt. But those who corrupted can be a opposition leader in Selangor, Penang and Kelantan. Luckily, a man in Perak like sex very much. That's why he defunct. It is good to have sex rather than serving the people.

"Equality in Diversity"

1. Allah is forbidden to non-muslim and muslim are free to protest and burn the church. The investigation seems to be absurd. A condition has to be made for non-muslim to use Allah. Some Holy Bible are band for using term "Allah Talla".
2. MCA, MIC are two different partners in BN. They must only listen to UMNO in any decision making. The reason is that MIC and MCA are not Malay.
3. A boy cannot bring pork to school when his name is Limang bin Kamut or Robert bin Micheal. Although he is a non-muslim. He must be proven as a non-muslim first although he is a non-muslim since many generations.

"New Economic Policy and RMK-10"

1. More fund allocated for Highways in Peninsular although the country recorded the worst road accident.
2. New economic policy is a woman idea and not a man idea. You can see where the allotment goes to.
3. Sabah and Sarawak are the BN stronghold but they get less allocation.

1 Malaysia to be embarrassed or to be embrace. Think again.
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