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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Fake Picture of SUPP

No Chinese Face?

Picture taken from Borneo Post Press

SUPP is known as Chinese dominant party and this party has only few dayak members who were defected from opposition party. Like STAR (Dr. Jerrip Susil), William Tanyuh (Ex-SNAP), Ranum (unkwon) and Richard Riot. Please visit

I am wonder how SUPP works for the people as they are loosing support from the chinese in Sibu, Kuching, Padungan and Kota Sentosa. Supp have made fooled of the Dayak's support and take it as their own advantage to climb up to the highest level in political arena.

When Yong Khoon Seng was made as Bengoh MP few years back, Padawan road was terrible. Then came Mr. William Tanyuh, who said the government has no fund to develop Padawan because the government is bancrupt. The people of Bengoh still vote him as they believe in what Tanyuh said. And Now Padawan is still the same since I was toadler.

Now, Jerip is the MP for Bengoh. This is surely very terrible MP as people of Semban, Rejoi, Pain and Sait have lost their land, fruit trees, villages and precious memories for the new Bengoh Hidro dam. Jerip has not say anything either to defend the villagers rights or to help them to negotiate on the better compensation and resetlement for the affected community. Unless, if he is an opposition, he might say his idea to the people or the party, SUPP.
On the next coming state election, the Bidayuh will seek SUPP help to release their land to BN for plantation. What to do? SUPP is the olny party that defend the Bidayuh right all this while. The Bidayuh will never give any change to a better person or party to be their representative. They will keep recycle the old and incapable one and continue to live in the same way of life while other people are improving everyday.
Next election, please vote for SUPP and enjoy the BN- Chinese way of political game. Then Bidayuh will ever improve.

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