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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Undesired Change

Last few weeks (19th January) on my return to Kuching from Kuala Lumpur, I met with BN supporters from Sarawak just went back from Terengganu. As I chit-chat with a man known as Sulaiman about the Dayak and its political future, suddenly our conversation interrupted by a man. Sulaiman asked where he from. He said just coming back from Terengganu to support BN candidate in Kuala Terengganu. I asked how the scenario was. “Najib spent a lot but still BN loose”. We smile together and have our conversation until the calling time for boarding.

There were three incidents that the aborigines must understand.

1. Barisan Nasional lost 5 state to the opposition on March 13 last year
2. Barisan Nasional lost at Permatang Pauh small election
3. Barisan Nasional lost once again at Kuala Terengganu although it was BN’s seat

Now let me share my one cent opinion on this scenario. Sulaiman (the man I met at LCCT-Sepang) told me that the Bidayuh and Iban have lost a lot to Barisan Nasional and yet they are happy with it. That is true and a lot of us aware of it since 1963. In fact, the demise of dayak leaders such as Kalong Ningkan, and some of the paramount leaders is the early sign of exploitation. Then we were scattered from SNAP to PBB, SUPP and PBDS.

Should we proclaim “Change” if we could not start within ourselves in this critical time? Some are fighting on NCR Land issue which has no end and hopefully, it will end soon. There is nothing much we can do if we are still stick with SUPP, PBB, SPDP, PRS and keep on quarrel with others. At the end we are still living in poverty and struggle while our trusted leaders are enjoying wine and “body massage” out there. Yes, politic is cheap to us but not our hope and dream for our young generation. We have seen our leaders are bought with million by this and that party and the UMNO all those frogs are “Pengkhianat Bangsa” and “pecah amanah”. But to us, we never feel bad if our leaders jumping ship like Jerrip who was bought from STAR by SUPP and a lot more “inter-parties” horrible transaction. Because, who ever they (our representatives) are we are still the soil shovel and happy with our live.

My brother call me all the way from Padawan ask for my NRIC number for the oil palm project at our area. Now, this is how the journey begins and in few years to come the next generation will complaining about their land being stolen to the oil palm developer. I know that there is some one the village laundering money in the village to persuade the villagers. He is a contractor and cronies to James Dawos and wasted a lot of money in such a weird projects like useless recycling centre in the middle of the jungle and 1 inch thick paved road to SRB St Bernard Sadir.

Why then we ask for a change if we keep on closing our eyes and ears to what is happening around the country. We have repeated the failure every time because we are thirsty for green note in the ballot paper. Well, that is not my fault because I have enough even though sometime I am always in shortage. Money could not change us but we can change the money for better future. It is just a temporary amusement and will the next generation in secure and heading to the bright future if we sell our right at RM 5.00.

We are excited with PKR and Pakatan Rakyat and I have no comment on that. Don’t we ever think that we should rule and let join PR. What is the different id only one or two thousands of us join PKR due to our frustration and not to fight for the dayak right? Better still, we are dividing ourselves into smaller fragment and get exploited again. There is no way for us to be in one political party. Am I stupid to say that? We have been used by our leaders in SUPP, PBB, SPDP, PRS and other party to sustain their wealth. How can there’re five or six political leaders handling one society. It does not practical at all. It is true to say that they are not doing their work because there are many leaders going to take care of us. Why should they worry since there are many leaders around from different party? Parti Bersatu Bumiputera cannot be used as Taib is now usng any kind of method to suck up the state wealth to CMS and Naim.

PKR will never overthrow the BN government in Sarawak but the single dayak with genuine dignity and patriotism spirit. Let Tajem do it alone if he thinks that he and PKR can do it alone but we know what he have done in PBDS. Why should we trust such leader? It’s us to change the government and not the political party.
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