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Monday, February 23, 2009

It’s 1st Anniversary

I should announce The Lost Aborigine’s first anniversary on the 15th February but due to work laden, I just have less time to write. You might see there is less entry or posting this month because I am always traveling to perform my duties for my master. It’s a servant’s heart as almost all of us are being paid by our master.

I am much grateful that The Lost Aborigine is now 1 year old and 39, 756 hit as per today statistic. I feel great when I started to write about Bidayuh politic where things are figured by the fact or without the fact. I mean there might be “sedition” or appraisal to certain individual or organization written. Nevertheless, The Lost Aborigine is always be the way it is and will never change in voicing up the aborigines’ struggles in politic economy and social valley.

I am proud to have some of the posting are posted in Malaysia Today blog and some other blog that might find that the postings are interesting and good to read. I believe that if the blog is well maintained and the quality of the posting is good, we might get a million hits by the end of this year.

I hope that The Lost Aborigine will be more active this year with variety of postings and updates. To all the readers and viewers, thank you for visiting The Lost Aborigines in His Own Country Home. Indeed, we need to be visited as we are isolated far-far away from the modern world. I welcome comments, article from any of you to keep the blog hot and spicy.

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