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Thursday, February 26, 2009

RM 4 Million for DBNA

The good news spread all over the world when Najib handed over RM 4 million to DBNA to build their new hall. The next day, “Bidayuh love BN” “Bidayuh tak pernah berpaling tadah” “BN the Bidayuh’s god” “Bidayuh must not bee fooled by opposition” and so forth. As long as there is money, then the sound will change instantly. That is according to the news paper and how far the Bidayuh love the BN, let us figure it out.

My first assumption regarding on the RM 4 millions is varying. It has been years under the independent country that Bidayuh are sidelined. Not even a cent has been contributed by the Barisan Nasional to improve their living and struggles. In fact, their constituencies are the poorest in the state with high unemployed, ugly schools and worst basic necessities. There must be more to give to the Bidayuh to improve their life and get out from political, economic and social struggles. RM 4 million is just a bait to fish the Bidayuh dignity. Some how, at that time, RM 4 millions is worth it compare to RM 5 or RM 50 during the election time.

The second assumption is the Bidayuh should receive that RM 4 millions. Somehow, they should receive more than the Kuala Terengganu people received. DBNA is grateful with the money given but not the Bidayuh as whole. Why? Because Bidayuh and DBNA are two different entities. One is elite and the other one is aborigines minded. As the money is given, there should be no further complaining as the Bidayuh will be well taken care with the new building and facilities at DBNA. Well done to Micheal Manyin and Ik Pahon. You are the Bidayuh hero. Money politic is always money politic and if DBNA believe in that, they should bargain more as BN always uncontested in their constituencies. In fact, some of the YB’s have served for centuries with BN and cannot even appoint as assistant minister. We should solute Unting for dying for BN and not for the rakyat. I am sorry to say that but what I have seen is that he deserve a peaceful rest after grumbling with Barisan Nasional bad games. By right, he should be federal minister right now. Well, the people see how cruel BN is and hopefully, they will change starting from Unting departure. May God bless his soul and be with the saints.

RM 4 million to me is nothing compare to what we have lost to BN. Bengoh dam, Mambong dump site, SALCRA, Borneo Highland Resort and many more. I think DBNA should follow the Bidayuh heart and soul and not it members. The Bidayuh are well known as a courteous community and that is why they cannot reject Najib visit and as per expected they got their money in cash. DBNA should look further on what will the Bidayuh be in years to come as Manyin, Ridu, Dawos and so forth is going to die as they are growing old. We cannot stick to Manyin idea to ask the Bidayuh to toil to death and never defense their right as an independent citizen and have right to own land and national wealth.

I hope that the Bidayuh will continue to support DBNA so that there will be more money to come. The money is for good and yes it is not right to say that Najib is begging the DBNA support for BN but the papers reported that the Bidayuh always support BN and this time it is the loudest one after the RM 4 millions. Get the money and get out form BN’s hell and that is my advice. Bidayuh never owe money from anyone but DBNA did and therefore, they must be responsible for it. Please donate more money to DBNA so that the association will never asking money form political party or leaders or else they will remain the proxy as long as the association is controlled by BN supporters.
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