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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

It’s Politic

For some aborigines, politic is sensitive and some make it a norm lie. I used to be exited when it comes to the Dayak politic but now it good to tone down the excitement. According to Price Charles, it is good to get further from politic to maintain your mental health and I think that he is right. Some people live better with politic and some are not. Politic is now becoming bitter as the Dayak are marginalized by the dominant in the coalition and get bullied. Better still, they have to toil to the utmost to supply their family and household.

The Dayak contributed 90% seat to the UMNO and BN on last general election. As such, they hope that there will be full minister post to be “awarded” to them as they won their constituency even straight two or three terms. As the cabinet line-up released by the BN chairman, none of the “great winner” to be appointed instead of “recycle” ministers and even those who were convicted to crime also appointed.

Will there any hope in Pakatan Rakyat for the Lost Aborigines? They have lost their power sharing with the Chief Minister (PBB) and Pak Lah (UMNO) for decades. Anwar Ibrahim invited Tajem to their function as according to the Broken Shield but will it be the new political strategy for the Dayak or just to fish sympathy from the Barisan Nasional. Masing denied that he is working close to Pakatan Rakyat during the press conference last few week.

The MCA Vice President, Chua Soi Liek has “questioned” the special right and the supreme power of the Malay and he got scorned for “disrespect” the Malay and the kings. However, in Sarawak we seldom heard such grievances as their mouth has been muted by the press and the chief minister. Nobody dare to speak their mind and thought as they are always wrong in the eyes of the leaders. There is no freedom of speech in the coalition as the absolute power must be respect by the members.

In TV we see a lot of plan everyday. Millions of Ringgit will be allocated to this and that project and surprisingly, Sabah and Sarawak are included. Somehow, these two states are still the poorest thought that “packages” has been allocated since 50 years. It’s a true lie by the Barisan Nasional. Sarawak and Sabah have lost their rainforest and animal habitat to develop their town and villages. The number of hard core poor family in increasing as the plan to achieve zero poverty has been implementing on the day Pak Lah was appointed as the prime minister.

The Lost Aborigines are always the good listener and not the receiver. They listen to the radio and watch TV and wait for the development plan and packages to come to their bazaar, schools, and village but it is just a long wait. The road will be paved soon after the General Election but getting worst and some has to walk on foot as the road is dented by the rain.

It’s just a politic game by the politicians to gain personal benefit and not to care for the rakyat. It’s a 50 years of jokes to play and the Dayak is still playing the same game to dissolute it community. On the next State Election, the Dayak will still vote for Barisan Nasional, the weakest government and play the same joke over and over again.
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