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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Faith & Modernization

Hudud, Fatwa, Quran, Bup- Kudus, Holy Bible, Yoga, Haram, Hindu Temple, Hindraf and the list goes on. Let me write some of the quotes from Davos World Economic Forum on Faith & Modernization forum. “Religion is a quest of meaning and a desire to become fully human”:- Karen Armstrong. “Religion is a powerful force for good; commitment to social order, peace and stability for human being. According to Karen, every religion teach the golden rule – do not do to others what you would not want to do to you.

Perhaps, this will be my last post for this year (summary of the year) on religion and respect in Malaysia. Malaysia is a developing country and it is a modern country but somehow the religion value is shaped by many religions as Muslim is the dominant. Somehow, the religion value has lost its value as there is less respect to the other religion. The Muslims are separated by Hadhari, PAS and UMNO while the Hindus are separated by Hindraf and MIC. The same story happened to other religion as well but it is not quite obvious because they are minority.

We are lucky enough as we have never experience any religion and racial eruption as what was happening in Sambas, Ambon and Southern Thailand. Nevertheless, there are certain issues that the government should deal with. The freedom of religion and respect to others diversities; religion, culture, value and dignity. PAS has proposed for Hudud to punish those who are found guilty of crime. We have many laws and there are amended every day including fatwa, temple location, cross in school and so forth. And this has becoming an irritation or uneasiness to those who believe in freedom of religion.

How far can the religion modernize a country? Muslim country development are prototyped by many rules and regulation such as in Malaysia but they cannot fight their tame enemy; corruption. There is no room of freedom of assembly to discuss on the religion and social development as they are made illegal including gathering to stand for human right and to criticize the way the Muslim governing the country.

The political maturity is measured by the religion maturity of the leaders. I may be wrong but most of the world leaders practice a very good religion practice. This including the west and the American leaders, Putin and so forth. With a strong religion value that a leader has, they will learn to respect others dignity and humanity and therefore he or she will serve his or her people with respect and sincerely.

Infact, we have seen religion discrimination such as temple demolition, Holy Bible issue and the use of Allah for the Muslim the Christians which never existed in the country history. What went wrong? Are our leaders not religious enough? We can pretend to tolerate with others but do we respect our differences? Yes, for some, this may be a very sensitive issue but it is time to get back to our religion value and teaching to sustain the modernization of our country.
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