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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tough Criticism.

What Is the different between Jabu and Mugabe?

More Marginalization

Every Dayak “bloggers” are slammed by the Sarawak Assistant Chief Minister for addressing the SALCRA and NCR Land issue to the net instead of public media. Indeed, the Dayak mentality toward politic have changed year after year. They are no more becoming the only listener but to be listening by their leader.

More Cholera

Jabu criticism on the Dayak blogers ( the awakening community) on the Borneo Post Press was a childish act of a matured and intelligent leader of the Dayak. Jabu should appreciate the Iban, Bidayuh, Selakau, Penan, Kayan, Orang Ulu, Chinese, Malay and Indians that form a “strong” government in Sarawak where the Bully party is ruling right now. What heve the bloggers done for the Dayak? It is not about how many percent of fund they contribute to the state development but how far they can accept all the lies and marginalization by his (Jabu) party.

It is time for him to step down from politic if he refuses to listen to the very and only Dayak voice. He should know that Robert Mugabe as is failure to African Union and to the Zimbabwe itself. What Jabu has done to prosper the Dayak? They can be counted with fingers since his contributions are for his master, Taib as for his political survivor. Longhouses have been ruined in the name of plantation. In the name of development, PBB refuse to give land title to the aborigines as quarries, palm oil estate and dam must be construction in the name of the betterment of the Dayak.

The Dayak must be during the next coming general election. We must vote not because of how old is the candidate but his charisma and ability to cater the need of the people and not to be a running dog to the bully party. We have made mistake for yeas and it is time to give them lesson and advice that politic is about power sharing and co-operation where give and take is practice all the time. Yes, it is hard to entertain every request of the people but here must be understanding and appreciation by the leaders. They are voted and not appointed and this means that democracy must be respect. As Barrack Obama said, we cannot solve a problem unless we come together to solve it. That is the leadership value that I never seen in the Dayak leaders. The political dominant has made them arrogant and naïve of the people problem. As such they are free to misused the native right to gain wealth. This is including plantation and construction project given to them as the reward for being in the bully club.

Who are we ( bloggers) to say this and that? We are made to be equal and therefore, we are free to express our point of view and opinion unless we are made dump and ignorance. Jabu should stop undermining the Dayak NGO’s and community and resign from PBB for the sake of the Dayak future. If he cannot solve the NCR land issue, plantation, poverty and Dayak position in the eyes of Pak Lah, he should take a humble step to retire and get back to longhouse to live as an ordinary Dayak and feel the struggle.
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