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Friday, March 22, 2013

This is not about mere Politic.

For the Bidayuh Young Generation. 

I always get some “sour” advice from my fellow friends and family to tone down my political understandings and perception especially in Padawan area. They always ask me “who are you comparing to the politician?”. Sometime, there is discouragement and a pause in my thought. Yes. I am just a small boy in a pool of developing surrounding with many scholars and philanthropist either they are professionals, politicians, entrepreneurs and successful people of Bidayuh.

The truth is that the marginalized never feel how it likes to be marginalized because they like to be I such a comfort zone, deny change and ignore hardship. The only group that feel they are marginalized are those who working very hard and have a great curiosity for themselves and the people; those with good talents, aware of changes and have a dream for better future. I don’t blame others as we are living according our best ability and capability. If not, there is a desire to be the best but out of “ability”.
Few years back, when I decided to come back home for good I wrote to a proposal to our representative office to ask for his opinion on a youth program for the youth in my area (Simuti, Sibuang and Sibakar). The idea was to have a sustainable program for us to have some financial aid to plant commercial crops like pepper, cocoa and rubber. I also proposed for fish and chicken farming program to reduce malnutrition problem in those villages. After one month, I made a phone call and ask for the out-coming. Sadly, there the feedback was dato is busy and we will let u know about your proposal. It has been 5 years now that I did not get any phone call or at least a SMS on that.

It’s my “stupidity” to ask from him as those programs must be applied though JKKK (Jawatan Kuasa Kampung) or club and organization; with working committees and team. That is not the issue as what I need is a guideline or comment on how to make it happened rather than no reply at all. I deserve the “knowledge” and not the grant or fund.

This experience makes me to be more relevance and realistic in doing thing. Somehow, what are needed are guidance, advice and comments from all those good people especially in the representative office.
The youth are easily attracted to amusement and games such as football and live band. That is a whole world favorite often thinking about making or having a “productive” life. Such as involving in entrepreneurship, planting high produce crops and have a good job. Maybe we are living in such a moderate environment (village) where there is low economic pressure and demand.
For me, this is not a live is all about. I have a dream to be the best Bidayuh with all I have. And to be so, I need support from my surrounding to understand my dream and desire. If I want to be a successful entrepreneur, I need a financial support and training. In order to market my product, I need marketing networks and coverage.

As a normal bumiputera with no business capital, it is very hard to start something especially business. Yes, there is government agencies to help bumiputera entrepreneurs but with very strict requirement. Such as; 10% startup capital from own saving, must have working staff and business premise. How to do that with no start-up capital? This is a hindrance for a Bidayuh embark into entrepreneurship as business angel and investor among them doesn’t exist.

So my hope for the representatives or next representatives is; that the young generation is exposed to entrepreneurship. Get their talent developed and help them to the right path to success. Not by patronizing and one-off financial support but a sustainable plans for the youth. We don’t need season program because we have to survive our daily life and the most important thing is; we want to escape from our poverty. We have many jobless graduate and desperate talented youth and yet ignored and couldn’t survive the tremendous economic changes and challenges. So here we are; scare to compete and transform our dream and talent into reality and success.

To the youths; we are the next generation to sustain the community. We will decide either to remain poor or better living. This isn’t mere stupid politic but a hope and change that we need for better future; to be the best among the rest. Vote for a change and not inactive and incapable candidate as future is never theirs’. I am tired to be poor and oppressed and so I think that you are have the same in mind. Unless you are rich, easy-life and ignorance; then this is not relevant to you.
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