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Friday, April 12, 2013

A Divine Cause

People say that politic should never mingle with religion because religion may corrupted by politic. These two entity could not match well as they are solely contradicted in their practices. 

For me, politic and religion should mixed equally so that both entities can work well for better community. There must be equalily mixtures of understanding, belief and morale value in both politic and religion. It cannot be too much politic and too less religion or vice versa. When there is too much religion, economic development might be retarded by religious restrictions and customs such as development of amusement park for tourism. It applies to a scenario when there is too much politic and too less religion, as a government will easily corrupted by low morale leaders and politicians.

Imam Ruhollah Khomeni cause has proven to the Islamic nations that religion is needed to neutralize corruption in Iran during Islamic Revolution in January 1978 - February 1979. As an political exile in Turkey and sometime in Iraq, he never stop thinking of the importance of good religion value to save Iran from corrupted Shah Mohammad Reza.

Divine cause also should applied to the world second largest religion; Christianity. Some churches forbid politic in their organizations but they cannot clean-up "corruption and scandals" that tarnished the church's reputation. That is why Pope Benedict resigned because he cannot save the Catholic from all those "issue".

In every religious institutions there must be corruptions since the institutions are governed by ordinary people. We lost zakat contribution few years and we could not do anything about it because we are forbid to talk about the issue. And it happened to our chapels where tight and contribution are not audited. Churches never perform financial and asset audit because they are non-taxable organization. In many cases, chapel are not maintained and the congregation get lost in faith and hope.

All those politics and religion issue have only one; what is the divine cause in politic as a religious person?

I believe that a cause against corrupted politic is the answer. Every religion teaches us to be a good person and to serve our God and country with a clean hands and heart. We must reject politic of hatred and corruption. If we put religion value first in every causes, we will win our political battles because we are well prepared spiritually.

Defining who God is for and putting judgement on other people as sinners is a mere immature politic. As a politician, we should encourage good behavior, equality, good governance and most importantly; love of peace and freedom. 
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