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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Videos and The "Weapons".

Nobody Want to Be Poor!!

Global Withness (GW) on shady Land deal by the Sarawak chief minister's family and alliances is a "hot" video with thousands of comments and view in Youtube. After series of videos and "proves and evidences".

I believe that this is the right time to persuade the people of Sarawak to swing their attention on a bigger picture of Sarawak politics. Nevertheless, we have seen many videos, Al-Jazeera 101 on Sarawak Native Land issue, independent news and so forth. Could it be the best for a change in Sarawak?

"Baseless Allegation" seem to be the best reply to all those scandals; even the highest authority could not has a glimpse on it. I've seen " Native Land grab and Bulldozed long house" video on last state election by Parti Keadilan Rakyat. The hottest topic in Sarawak will always be "Lands, Corrupts Politicians, gangsterism and marginalization of the Sarawak Natives". They seemed to be the "tool" to end the "corrupt"  government but it does not change anything at all. Few constitutions fell on DAP and one to PKR (Ba' Kelalan). My question is, how far is the video integrity? Are those video are made jut for political purpose? I wish for political doom in Sarawak or at least a flood.

We have been living in such a corrupted state but yet, I see strong support to the corrupted government; especially the natives. We are living as squatters in our very ancestral lands. How could we let the contractor to demolish our longhouses and graveyards?

Have we ever learn to change? Have we ever thing of our position in the political arena? We are scattered away in every fraction of political parties. New SWP (Sarawak Worker's Party); yes. GOLKAR; yes. PPP (Pakistan People's Party); yes. China Communist Party; yes. Whenever there is a political party, they are the Sarawak natives. People will blame me for perplexing the "freedom and right to join/form political party".  No. I am not. In fact, this is who we are; friendly, humble, mild, inoffensive people...(Hilda Morrison:-Sarawak, P.245). That is why we are easily oppressed by the others.

To me, issue arises in a specific season. Perhaps, this is what politic is all about; strategy, game-plan, resources and manipulations. We forget thing when it is not necessary to remember. We lost our home, weep for a while and live a happy live. No "vengeance" and long grieves as there is always instant "cure" for all those. We stop talking when we are tired and leave the "lost" as time consuming.

I am sure that corrupted government will still rule Sarawak although they might be the opposition; if God's willing. The videos are just a strategy; nothing more but a temporary motivation to reject corrupted government. Who am I to change it? I am just one vote to many votes. The strongest weapon is always money politic. We cannot resist money. That is the fact. Money is not a root of evil but a compensation to the native's "lost"; lands, rights, opportunities and voices.

Pakatan Rakyat might win big in Peninsular but not in Sabah and Sarawak. The strategy of the corrupted government intact firmly and there is a tough road ahead to bring change to the Natives. They are poor, divided and naive. There is a social gab between the "elite" and the low-class natives in which the elite seem to ignore the fate and need of the low class. We can see it in every "organizations" when the low-class are excluded from the current development and changes. In a simple meaning; nobody want to teach the "unintelligent" as they might overpass their wealth ad power. Thus, the lower class remains struggling and the elite multiply their wealth through alliances and monopoly.

Perhaps, the video of chief minister misdeed will change the voters 180 degrees on their perception of corrupted governance. We hope that the youth will cast their vote to challenge the hardcore elders who are royal to the current representatives since change seems to be impossible for them. After all, what change is all about if we are not dare to step forward and change ourselves? Change not by the video CD but by the knowledge and wisdom in deciding who should take lead and serve the natives better.

The politicians are the most richest people in Sarawak and they have the weapon to turn a spectacular video into delicious food and additive shows. It is up to us to position our integrity, hope and ambition to be at least respectful native; not because we are rich but a minor change in our political knowledge. Video is just a video as money cannot be resisted. Nobody wants to be poor.  
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