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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Guided Demorcacy

Barisan Nasional Way of Democracy

Taken from Tiga Abdul Film

Whenever Barisan Nasional YB's goes to every Dayak Villages for campaign this are their best statements:

1. Barisan Nasional has ruled the country for more than 50 years with no problem. This shows that BN is a capable government to drive the country to the world class country.

2. Taib Mahmud is our beloved state leader and he is generous and manage to bring Sarawak into total development under Barisan Nasional.

3. The only way for Dayak (Bidayuh) to help themselves is to support BN because only answer to their struggle and depression is BN.

4. If the villagers and the leaders support opposition they will be sidelined since opposition cannot bring development to the villagers.

5. If the villagers support BN, government will build roads, clinics and school tomorrow. Believe that.

Somehow this happens after BN wind the constitution:

1. No better road built as per their promise. Now BN is even worse than opposition.

2. The YB's lost is space.

3. More NCR land lost for the "developments".

4. Dayak is still living under the poverty line.

5. Suddenly a company arise under the YB's cronies.

6. No answer to any Dayak struggle either in house of representative or in the state assembly.
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