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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dear Anonymous,

1. I would like to express my gratitude of what you have said in my article regarding on or SMK Padawan. I suppose to say that SMK Padawan is producing a world class student and the best among the rest. Let me tell you something:

I have studied in that secondary school from 1995-1997 (3 years). Our PMR distinction was below the par where only 4 t0 5 out of hundreds of students are able to go to Dragon School College (College Tun Abdul Razak) to be in Science Stream class. During my time in 1997, only 5 of us out of 5 form 3 classes manage to get our place at the Science Stream at Dragon School College. This is not my pride as there are more better students than me.

The number has never increased much as far as I am concern until the school had their own Science Stream class. Now, SMK Padawan has its own science class but how many of them pass SPM with flying colors? Worst still, Science Subjects are though in English and now ministry change the language back to Bahasa Melayu. Now, what the heck is that? How much distinction this year?
I am not a member of PIBG for that school as I am still young to be there.

2. Bidayuh Idiocy statements: This is the truth even though its sound quite ruthless. I am neither a philosopher nor a noble to figure the Bidayuh idiocy. It has been decades of struggle and marginalization but yet we are still comfortable with those. We don’t care as long as we are not disturbing other people business. Then, why do we vote for our leader? For nothing? No. We hope to be no more “idiot” but to be better than before. So what do we need to be out of Idiot clan? You should know better than I do. We need better schools, clinics, jobs opportunities and most importantly, our share in this lavish land.
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