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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Dayak and Bumiputera

1. All Dayak are bumiputera but not all bumiputera are Dayak. Somehow almost all Dayak are Chinese and Indian or even immigrants.

2. Bidayuh is Dayak, Dayak is Bumiputera. But not all Bumiputera and Dayak are Bidayuh. The best term for Bidayuh is Aborigines ( land owner). Somehow, almost all Bidayuh are Chinese and Indians. Some are still immigrants like Penan.

3. Bidayuh has ministers in both federal and state representative. So do the other Bumiputeras, Chines and Indians. But, their voice are ignored although that have the right and privileges as a Bumiputera.

4. Some Bidayuh area are represented by Malay or Chinese. That is why Bidayuh speak chinese but never understand it. Some speak Tamil but really understand it better than they understand Malay.

5. Bidayuh is dark so they are Indian. Some are darker and they are Malay and no more Bidayuh.
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