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Thursday, November 26, 2009

School Holiday

I still remember my time 10 years ago (1999) during school holiday. After finished my SPM (Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia) at Kolej Tun Abdul Razak, I straight away make my first journey to Kuching town looking for a job. As a village boy, I do not know much about town life and what I cared the most is my job and saving for the next session of schooling. I brought with me RM 200.00, my scholarship balance to register at a computer training center at Wisma Saberkas to learn computer. At that time it was Windows 95 and Netscape Communicator. Learning computer was fun as everybody was talking about computer. Before my shift, I will go to the complete to complete my learning hour in able to get the certificate. During my off day, I spend my whole day at the center. After a month, I completed my hour and tested. I finally get my certificate and start using computer at cyber café.

Back in the supermarket, I work as hard as I can to get money for my next journey. During that time, my salary was RM 300.00 per month plus overtime. Indeed, living in town was very tough at that time. Many times I have to skip my meal in order to save money. After 4 months working at supermarket, I left and work at a pump station at Bang Hock road. My boss paid me RM 15.00 per day plus overtime. It was little higher than the supermarket’s pay.

In June 2000, I got an offer to pursue my study at a college under minister of education program and finally made my step to university. During my college time, I used to sell nasi lemak and curry puff to get extra money since the allowance is just enough for fees and books.

This tradition has becoming the practice to the next generation. Living with my sister’s family was quite tough where I have less time to play like other teenagers. At night time we must spend time to read our book. It was quiet hard to read with tiredness by the daily hard work but that the way it should be in the family. We are learnt to be diligent and intelligent. One of my nephews has followed the tradition and he was able to make it to university and now doing a good job.

This is not happening only to us but to a lot of Bidayuh families. In fact, many of our successful man and women were lived in such condition and some even can make their step to overseas universities. Not least, some gave up their study and work at coffee shop and supermarket and so forth. Those who are lucky, they work as nurses, clerk and helper at the government office.

I believe in this free country we should make an opportunity for ourselves rather than looking for it. I have made mine and its proven work well. But, there must be sacrifices and determination. Since we are not obligated to any right or privileges like other people had, I think we should start to think how to make our kid to be successful. We cannot even demand any right from our leaders since we are made “minority” by someone we love and trust. We cannot wait for DBNA and YB’s to give us money to buy flight ticket anymore. We cannot wait for the world to change but we must firstly change our attitude toward success and victory.

We cannot live without education, in fact we have seen that the whole world is evolve by the education. We cannot send our kid up to form five as there is no job for form five leavers. Unless, they are willing to work at oil palm estate or become a “mat rempit”.

This school holiday is an opportunity to find money and do not let it waste. Let the kid d some part time for their own experience. They should learn to work hard to gain for their life. Look at the Chinese kids, they even work until the midnight selling noodle and drink.
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