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Saturday, January 3, 2009

When It Has Been Said & Done

The 2008 is just a 3 day away of us and the new 2009 is just three days old for us. What we expected to be in good color will not going to be as it is predicted too. The Bidayuh must be aware of many things happened last years.

1. Bidayuh still support Tikie, Dawos and Riot on the last March General Election
2. Many Bidayuh youngsters did not register as a voter including myself
3. Bidayuh lost their land at Semban, Rejoi, Bengoh and Pain for the mega builders project of Naim Candera
4. Taib visited Padawan to launch the second phase of Padawan Road and tapped on the table during the election campaign at Anah Rais.
5. Rayang, Belimbing, Gayu, Taee and other villagers lost their land to Jabu Numpang for oil palm plantation.
6. Majen from PKR lost his vote and Dawos won the majority at Bengoh constituency. What is our future under PKR, DAP, PAS and GOLKAR?
7. Najib campaigned at Bau to support Tikie from little Dr. Patau Rubis ( why scare too much?)
8. Richard Riot get caught by Tengku Adnan on “Froggy” story
9. Manyin, Dawos, Riot, Tikie, Peter Nansian, Jerip, Sagah, Bayoi and others cried for deputy minister post but Sulaiman get it from them. Many versus one. Many lost, one won.
10. New kind of resettlement has been approving to pack the Bidayuh into social disease and uneasiness. It is called “Tun Abdul Razak”.

The Bidayuh will get more reward if they continue to support Barisan Nasional on the next coming election. They will get dividend from their share with SLACRA or FELCRA and get boasted with RM 3.00 from Jabu. Those who love pork and wine should get their party ready during election campaign. That is normal scenario and the Bidayuh are grateful enough with RM 5.00 per ballot paper. They vote not for their children’s future but for the pork and wine served and RM 5.00. That is the best description about the Bidayuh’s dignity. It is equal to a kilogram of pork and a bottle of wine. End up, they are complaining of their own made poverty and struggle.

I used to blame NEP, Malay, Chinese, Indian, government, cats, dogs, snakes, rain, and leaves before. Totally, they are not the issues of the Bidayuh discrimination and marginalization. I should firstly blame myself for being a stubborn and stupid clan and not blaming my YB’s and leaders. I should grateful with my job with less pay where I should have a land title and develop it with crops and poultry. Well, it's NEP and the Malay’s fault for us to be who we are. No, it is not, it is my YB’s fault. No, it’s my father’s fault for not being a rich man.

This is the Bidayuhs’ dream. To be stand as tall as and seat as low as other races and get the same proportions. How? They are scattered everywhere. Name it SUPP, PBB, SPDP, PRS, PBDS, NEGARA, PKR, DAP, SNAP, PASOK, PBS, PAS, STAR, AYAM BRAND, GOLKAR, PPP, LABOUR PARTY and all the party in the world. The Bidayuh will only see money and not their future, rights and dignity. Blame me if I am wrong. That is why many of them changed party as they have no political stand and nationalism spirit to nurture their own fate and future. Some are bought million of ringgits to join other party and neglected their hungry villagers and supporters. As a result, the poor and hungry will continue to beg for RM 5.00 during election. Some are ruled by wine, money and woman and that is the legacy of the elite clan of the Bidayuh.
The same "House" or will be changed? Who cares?

If you go to SK St. Bernard Sadir, you will see 1 inch thick asphalt where there are holes along the short road. The project cost was at about ½ millions ringgit or more and it is just 300 meters paved road to school. At the junction there a recycle centre where the villagers recycle weeds and their stool. I have no idea how mush is the project cost but I am pretty sure that Dawos has wasted money to do such useless project. At the end, the villagers still throw rubbish into the river and enjoy the rough road to the school. Nobody dare to talk about it because Dawos is mighty and his cronies are macho. BPR must visit the area and investigate. I wish to snap the photo but sadly, I do not have digital camera.

Road to the future. Go ahead my child, the bright future is waiting for you. I have walked in the jungle and not on this one. Perhaps this is the best for you.

The villagers will see funnier project soon. Baby boomers project, wine factory, pig farm, mega bridges, cable cars and so forth. Voting for dace is the solution to hardcore poverty and it works for 50 years. Wow!!

The Bidayuh will be back to the square one this year if:

1. They vote the wrong party and candidate
2. Sell their land to Jabu
3. Play money politic
4. Blaming others instead of blaming themselves
5. Happy with RM 5.00, pork and wine
6. Offer their daughters to YBs
7. Lazy to think
8. Lazy to work
9. Easy to get fooled
10. Stop praying

When it all been said and done. But there is no thing that really matter. Do they know what they want and need? The time will come that they will learn a lesson.
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