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Saturday, January 17, 2009

Gaza, Kuala Terengganu & Flood

SUPP has landed on the flooded ground as per reported in the paper! Rice, sugar, salt, clothes, milk, coffee and so forth for “affected” SUPP constituencies. I am "proud" of them actually in this time of hardship. Where are the rest?

We tend to see something out of our imagination and get very excited of it. In other word, we like to be very emotional with some issue that is not really related with ourselves. Gaza trumpet is blowing aloud at every corner of the country; in the cities, bazaars, villages, schools and coffee shops. Some come with Palestinian style of scarf and organize so many rallies and demonstration to slam the regimes. Yes, that is so much necessary indeed as Israel is slaying the Palestinians ruthlessly. The whole world know that Israel is a bad boy and there were nothing much we can do to save the cursed land since our ancestor, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. There were a lot of agreement between these two idiots but it cannot stop the suicide bombers and blood fights. We have seen so many tragedies in Gaza, Jerusalem and some of the conflict area. Not only in that region, but it happening in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Southern Thailand, Spain, England, United States, Indonesia and some part of the world.

In Terengganu, there are other hot and spicy evens where I saw a lot of money has been spent. Entrepreneur projects, mobile clinics, money, foods and so forth. Peoples seem to be very happy in there and enjoy a lot of benefits from Najib. Even the Menteri Besar is now has to smile as he used to be rejected before his appointment. Now, you will never see any BN YB’s during this critical moment in Kuching. Some are lobbying for project and giving their hand to KT candidate and hoping that their presence will be rewarded. In fact, they are rewarded a lot during every political campaign.

How about the flood relief to those affected area especially those poor villages like Serian, Padawan, Bau and some in Sibu and Miri? Why we so busy with Gaza but our own people are are helpless and dying? The Malaysian attitude is that we ignore our household affair and get busy with other issue that it less related to us. Yes, we have to fight for humanity issue but it should be “first thing first” basis. There is an idiom in malay language says “Anak kera di hutan diberi susu, anak di rumah mati kelaparan”.

We demand attention from our representative and give less attention to something that is necessary. We tried to save Gaza and UMNO in Terengganu. How about those who are drowning? Next election, we save ourselves before they talk nonsense.
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