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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Non- Registered Voter

Who am I to talk about the Bidayuh issue on the net? Why should I talk a lot but I am not a registered voter? I should make it this year and be vote for an appropriate party. Somehow this is the Bidayuh election history.

The Chinese has been put in the Bengoh constituency and he won. A Bidayuh from Bau has been there in Bengoh and won too. Both from BN. I still remember in 1990s when Rambo was a famous show in the Bidayuh area. YB came and bring with them video projector and white screen. There were movie shows for about 2 nights and a week after that he won the Bengoh Parliamentary. The voters were my father and mother and at that time I was a small kampong boy and know nothing about what is going on.

I wish to register as a voter long ago but not to vote in Bengoh because the same game plays at every election. Those who should not win can win easily because of pork, wine and plastic trophy. The majority was always at the Barisan Nasional side but at the end the Bidayuh gain nothing of it. The spoiled ballot are less as the old folk are thought to draw cross at only “scale” box and not other. If 50 old folk are thought to cross in the “scale” box then I will loose because I know where I should cross.

What is the saddest thing is that the Bidayuh does not learn any lesson form their mistake. They have seen series of candidate changes due to Taib political game and yet they still vote for the worst. Whoever wins the election, the Bidayuh is still the looser. They lost their voice in the cabinet, party and parliament. Why? Because there are 50 Bidayuh in SUPP, 20 in PRS, 10 in SPDP, 11 in PBB, 1 in PKR, 3 and one at any political party in this worls. In fact, the Bidayuh cannot be in one political party in BN. It is a great worry to Taib as the Bidayuh is a second largest ethnic in Sarawak after the Iban. In Malaysia Kini’s article “Taming The Dayak”, Taib play a very intelligent game to split the dayak in PBDS into SPDP and PRS. At first, the dayak were divided from SNAP to be in PBB and PBDS. Some still in SUPP but still they get fooled.

There is no consciousness for the Bidayuh to be in one political party. Id they are not accepted in BN why don’t they be in opposition and join the coalition as a Bidayuh single party? Will this idea contradicted to the federal constitution? UMNO does not break the federal constitution thought they are quiet racist in practice. The Indian and Chinese did not join PAS because they are not Muslim and PAS is for the Muslim. The Bidayuh should learn a lot and understand politic better before they vote. Not for the money, pork and wine but for change. Dr. Patau (ex-state minister) once told me that Bidayuh should stop receive RM 5.00 from BN but receive nothing and vote for the best.

The Bidayuh must feel the bitter first before they get a sweet politic. They must form a single political party or revive the existed party and get out of marginalization, bully and fantasy. Then the Bidayuh will change like the other and get heard by the society. I will only register as a voter if there is enough conviction that SUPP, PBB, SPDP, PRS will never rule Bengoh and Tarat. We have seen some idiots come and go and we are enough of it. Dawos is from PBB and Jerip is from SUPP. Both could not work something better for Bengoh because Dawos is not Jerip and vice versa. At the end Bengoh is still undeveloped and the Bidayuh must take it as a lesson from their absurdity. Know the game better before we bet for victory or else we will never get what we wanted and loose what we had.
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