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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Bidayuh Must Wake-Up Now or Regret Later

The above figure showing my blog statistic since it was created before the 12th General Election. It is not my pride at all as I am just nobody in the society but I make this opportunity to contribute my weaknesses to the Bidayuh. Pity to those who are in the rural area because after almost 50 years joining Malaysia, there are no internet in their house though the Bidayuh have given full support on to BN since Tun Abdul Rahman era.

It is now to think of Bidayuh future under PBB, SPDP, SUPP, PBDS and PRS (BN coalition). It is not too late as the State election will be coming soon and we will decide. Hopefully not money will decide us. I started to create the blog once I realize that it is necessary to the Bidayuh to voice out their grieves and struggles under BN. As the voices are always until the YB's reception desk and never delivered to the YB's them self. Even the activist association, DNBA has nothing to say about Bidayuh marginalization by the BN as their race are in the "yang lain-lain" list in any kind of form.

To say that Bidayuh are the third largest ethnic in Sarawak, I am not agree with the fact because the fact is that Bidayuh are the illegal immigrants from Kalimantan and having the same fate with their relatives in Kalimantan. They are hardcore poor farmers and construction site "ku-li". Their nationalityis only accepted during the election day as their Mycard is verified for casting vote. That its. The rest, uphold to Almighty God to bless them and their children. This is the fate of my father and mother in the kampung. What did they get after election? No. Same routine. Wake up in the morning, cook their food and go to paddy farm and get back home late in the evening.

To the working Bidayuh. Wake up early in the morning, start motorbike and hammering the nails until the evening comes. The graduate, coming home after school and get married. I have updated my SPA application for the 3rd year. Still jobless! Public Service Commission (SPA Negeri) for the 3rd year and never get interview. Well, the best is to be jobless or just earn RM 1000.00 as a computer programmer. The PTPTN loan has exceeded RM 30K and the letter of warning is coming. Next, see you in court and got bankruptcy in the age of 30 years old. Well done Bidayuh. You are richer than your ancestors.

How to pay for the loan if you only earn RM 1000.00 per month? Some have to support their sibling in schools and universities. As the job is getting more and more but the bidayuh jobless are even more. Where is the mistake? They applied for SPA Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam) but did not even get the clerk post. Apply for private sector? Could not speak mandarin not as hardworking ad the non-bumi. The fact is that this "yang lain-lain" tribe is stuck between NEP and economic independence.

Who should be blamed? Ohhh...blame BGA because they are not perform their job fro Bidayuh Graduates. Blame SPA for being bias to Bidayuh. Blame the chinese because they do not want to hire lazy Bidayuh. Blame their parent because they have no wealth. My word is BLMAE GOD FOR CREATING BIDAYUH! I must not because God has nothing to do with NEP and independent economic practice (self provide economy practice).

Our mistake was that we gave our vote blindly and continue the struggle alone in the house. We gave all we have hoping that there will be better future under the governance of BN. In fact, this is the best offering for zero return.
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