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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Open Source Software

Free Yet Ignored.

1. Selamat Ari Gawai.Anyway, have a quality time with family and friends. Jimat-Jimat driving nuju menua. Nti mabuk anang ngiga ulah. Nti ngabang, nemu mah mai diri.

2.  I've been thinking a lot why do we tend to ignore something free and getting thing illegitimately. I mean software. How do we feel if someone steal our car, break into our home or steal fruit form our farm? I think Bro. Bill has that bad feeling as well as Microsoft Inc is facing a great challenge with "Software Piracy". I think he want to be the world's richest but could not overcome Telco man, Carlos Slim. Why? because people get Microsoft software for cheap from pirates.

3. Open Source Initiative was a great idea on how to reduce software piracy and at the same time keeps Bro. Bill on second place of world's billionaire. That's another story. In, fact Microsoft had a bad time with Open Source Software. Somehow, due to their innovation and marketing strategy Microsoft is still world's best software company. The American, have adopt open source to their country to reduce their reliance on Microsoft software since 1983. This innovation has reduce the piracy problem in the US and at the same time protect Microsoft from loosing money to the pirate.

4. I think that government should introduce open source software to every department. The government can safe a lot of money because open source software is FREE. The corporate sectors should start now or pay more for software. I am wonder why Ta Aan group said that Sarawak is not ready for minimum wages. Because of operation cost la..or that want to keep a lot of money for the Board of Directors? I believe that ts is the time for the corporations to invest on human capital and innovation. Get free software and used them and pay the employee a good salary. Win-win situation.

5. I've present my proposal to Borneo Post today on the Open Source Software and they were quite impress with that.  I don't know if my proposal are accepted and approve for the project but I hope that they will look into it thoroughly and think of it. Our government always talk about innovation. Last Teachers day theme's was "Innovative teacher projects national education transformation" and Najib keep on talking about transformation and innovation. I could not understand what does he mean with those? How much is the cost of Transformation? Can Malaysia be an innovative nation with the GTP (Government transformation Program) and ETP (Economic Transformation Program). Can we achieve high income country in 2020 with less brain and innovation? Where are the talented Malaysian professionals work? In the country or oversea? How many oversea graduate return home to work? How many Malaysian migrated overseas? Najib has to mobilize his government to be decent and think out of the box. I think political party is not the answer to the good governance and prosperous country. The economic power is the must do to fight crimes, corruption and power-abuse.

What am I talking about now? Let get back to the real topic.  

6. The cost of technology is rising up tremendously and it is proven that IT business is the second largest and even 2 of them are in top 10 list (Oracle and Microsoft). They benefited a lot. A friend of mine said that the best prospect business are Telecommunications, Technology and MLM.

7. Some might ask; why Oracle gave free software and not Microsoft? The answer is Microsoft pay a lot of money to develop software but open source software are develop by internet community and Oracle gives it for free. Yet, Oracle give free software to the public and allow public to distribute those software. Are those open source software reliable? Yes! Of course. Air Asia uses Tomcat for their Web Server and they are the whorls' fastest growing air carrier. Some more, LOW-COST. Air Asia help the travelers save their money by adopting full innovation in their organization. Have MAS ever thinks out of the box like Mr. Fernandes? No. that's why MAS keep on losing revenue and always rely on government to bail them.

8. We cannot deny that one day we have to pay more for information technology if the refuse to seek alternative and invest on innovation. I believe that western countries have more ethic value in term of software piracy because they are innovative enough. In here, we do not border much because we are not the producer of those software and it doesn't affect us at all. Somehow, ignorance will lead us into offences and crimes because we are lazy to think out of the box.
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